Applet’s Beta 8 is now online

Dear Beta Testers,

We are glad to inform you that your demands and remarks have been heard and that this new version responds to them positively. Judge by yourself:

  • 3DS file format support extension (materials self-illumination)
  • Progressive acceleration of the walkthrough function (keyboard “up” arrow)
  • Visit’s point of departure setting in the scene
  • Inversion of mouse’s wheel behaviour
  • “Linked URL” function is now activated for the materials
  • Replacement of the word “Stereo” by “Audio” for a better understanding
  • Lighting improvement

To benefit from this new version, you just have to… do nothing special! You and your customers just have to visit your 3D pages as usual. No update or installation required.

We look forward to hearing from you to go on making 3DXplorer your ultimate 3D web design solution.

Bug reporting

During the beta period, you may see issues that we would love to know about. Very often the content of the Java console can be helpful. In case of a hang-up/freeze or just any issue, open the Java console accessible from the Java icon on the lower right part of your computer, copy all the content, paste it into an e-mail and send it to this e-mail address: “technical-support” at .

                                                         click to enlarge 3dx2.jpg

This will help us resolve your issues in a more timely manner.

Thank You!

Kick off the blog!

3DXplorer has now its own Blog. We are going to use it as an additional place to update you with the latest news regarding 3DXplorer, and also to receive some of your comments.

On December 5th, 2007 we opened the Private Beta website of 3DXplorer V3, with a limited number of users.

Since then we are receiving some feedbacks from the participants to the private beta and we have enhanced both the content and some functions of the tool.

Last week, we added a new “building” actually a living room, and some new furniture and accessories to decorate inside, such as a new lamp. Also a few minor bugs have been detected and resolved.

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