Applet’s Beta 8 is now online

Dear Beta Testers,

We are glad to inform you that your demands and remarks have been heard and that this new version responds to them positively. Judge by yourself:

  • 3DS file format support extension (materials self-illumination)
  • Progressive acceleration of the walkthrough function (keyboard “up” arrow)
  • Visit’s point of departure setting in the scene
  • Inversion of mouse’s wheel behaviour
  • “Linked URL” function is now activated for the materials
  • Replacement of the word “Stereo” by “Audio” for a better understanding
  • Lighting improvement

To benefit from this new version, you just have to… do nothing special! You and your customers just have to visit your 3D pages as usual. No update or installation required.

We look forward to hearing from you to go on making 3DXplorer your ultimate 3D web design solution.

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