Preparing & optimizing 3D models for 3DXplorer

Here’s a few technical tips to know in order to prepare and optimize your 3D models before importing them into 3DXPlorer:

Modeling of all kind of objects:

  • Use only polygonal geometry.
  • Use point light sources (omni). Color and constant attenuation are supported.
  • Use Blinn  and Lambert materials.
  • Diffuse and specular colors are supported, as well as specular strength and highlight power. 3DXplorer’s material self illumination is binary, it should be 0 or 100.
  • Double-sided materials are supported.
  • 3DXplorer matches automatically the ground (Z=0), the plane surface on which visitors will move, as being the lowest surface in the scene. As a consequence, you should place your ground in the modeler at Z=0, and have no geometry under the ground.
  • 2 different materials or objects should have 2 different “names”.

Modeling of scenes:

On top of the above tips to know for all kind of objects, please consider the following tips for scenes in particular:

  • At least one light source should be placed in the scene to be able to see it.
  • To make sure your visitors will experience high performance of real time navigation, we recommend all scenes to be optimized and stay with as lowest number of polygons as possible. In order to give you a hint, the featured web sites have each less than 100.000 polygones (including all objects inside).

A few tips to know while importing texture into 3DXplorer

When you use the “upload files” button to import 3ds files into 3DXplorer objects or scenes, these tips can be helpful:

  • The texture files should be placed in the same folder than the 3DS file itself at the time of upload. 3DXplorer will find them.
  • It’s recommended that texture files width/height don’t exceed 512 pixels. You can always reduce the size of a texture (with Photoshop, Paintshop…) without altering its visual aspect. Only the resolution will decrease as you decrease the size of a texture.
  • To keep good real time performances, it’s recommended to avoid “big” textures in a scene. All featured websites have less than 10 “big” textures.
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