3DXplorer V3 beta launched !

The past 2 weeks were an exciting busy period for the Altadyn team as we opened the site to public and  launched the product to the press.

We also prepared and released a video, available on YouTube which presents the technology.

We are pretty much satisfied with the feedback so far, reading the comments from experts and articles from the journalists.

We invite you to follow the above links if you have not already done so.

The launch of V3 beta is also the end of the “private beta” period. We would like to once again thank all our private beta users for their contribution, feedback and time.

Thank you!

3DXplorer V3.00.11 now online

The new version, now online since a few days, brings the following new features:

• Faster loading for scenes and objects.
• Simplified user interface for object modifications,
• Designer can define the objects which can be manipulated withing the player by the visitors; rotating, moving, scaling.
• Double face materials are now supported when importing 3D models

• Tutorial updated


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