Altadyn cooperates with the Association of Virtual Worlds

The Association of Virtual Worlds’ is a global industry association for the rapidly growing virtual worlds. It serves as a resource for those wishing to experiment and explore virtual worlds for work or play. The Association’s mission is to educate, network, recruit, and further the membership’s collective goals. It provides a leadership environment for companies and individuals passionate about the future of virtual worlds.

Founded by Edita Kaye and managed by Dave Elchoness, the association is well positioned to play a key role in the development of accessible, scalable, open, web-native virtual worlds, based on the know-how of its executives and members in one hand , and on technologies such as 3DXplorer in the other hand.

To accompany the association towards this goal, Altadyn’s CEO, Darius Lahoutifard, has joined the association’s advisory board, together with other industry executives from around the world. The cooperation between Altadyn and the association will result in future developments of 3DXplorer in line with this community’s needs.

Read the association’s statement: “Association of Virtual Worlds Advisory Board Goes Global”

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