Change the ambience with the new panoramas!

We often need nice landscapes, visible at the horizon, or by the window. In the above example, with an art gallery created inside a pyramid of glass, the user has an impression of total within a green environments, very present, and beyond the primary scene. Creating this type of impressions is possible thanks to cylindrical and spherical images. The above example is obtained in 3DXPlorer, by using the scene called “open sky” in the library, where a hemispherical image , also available in the library, has been applied to the sky.

Some of the newly added hemispherical images, newly offered in 3DXPlorer library, are reprinted below. You can also, upload your own pictures, as usual.

Try them out by “sticking” them on the sky of the “open sky” scene and appreciate the landscape, the cathedral, or simply the city, far at the horizon. To do so, right-click on the sky of this scene, then “change/manage collections”, before choosing in the “Panoramas”, your preferred image.

Enjoy the landscape!


panoramas spherical image 3DXplorer

More objects and textures

new 3DXplorer objects, bathroom, high heel shoe, armchairs


Since last week, a reasonably rich library of textures is available on 3DXplorer, especially for architecture and construction, both for interior design and buildings exteriors. One can find there textures for bricks, carpets, concrete, doors, fabric, metal, nature, roofing, stone, tile, wallpapers and wood.

To use them: right-click on a material, then “change/manage collections”.

With a larger team at Altadyn, now the objects library is starting to grow fast.

This picture shows some of the new “accessories” and “furniture” available now. Glass tables , armchairs, bathroom vanities and high heels are among new objects online, starting point of a long list of objects which will facilitate your creation.

We would love to read from you on your suggestions or requests. Let us know what kind of objects you need more.

3D virtual art galleries

The level of appreciation of an artwork depends mostly on its surrounding environment, which highly impacts our perception and drastically influences the feelings that the piece of artwork creates in us. Try it by yourself ; compare a print of a beautiful painting (try even with an excellent quality of print), and watch the same painting inside a sophisticated and adapted frame, well enlightened with the right spotlight, placed in a well decorated room, near other gorgeous furniture. It’s different right?

Obviously, this is the reason why art gallery owners invest in beautiful halls with attractive furniture to make sure that their paintings, their photographs or other scenes are well emphasized.

The rational in the virtual world is the same as in the real world!

Artists have started using virtual 3D spaces to exhibit their creations on the web, replacing their traditional websites. Their creations are emphasized and valued thanks to a more sophisticated evironment than the old 2D flat webpage of jpg files. Inside a more pleasant space, within a 3D virtual room creating real feelings, the visitor can appreciate the artwork, in an immersive mode, through different angles, renderred as he/she walks.

The new exhibition hall created by avalonn is an excellent example of this concept. To see this 3D virtual exhibition hall of paintings, click here.

To create your own art gallery:

To learn more about the creator of the above example:

The US Congress wades into virtual worlds

The US congress is particularly interested in virtual worlds.© Rik Panganiban / Rik Riel

Last Tuesday, the US congress experienced its first  Congressional hearing session held simultaneously in real and in a virtual world. Congressmen represented by avatars, were interested in what can be done within virtual worlds, the importance of the impact on the economy and the possible risks including those on security.

The hearing was conducted by the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet (a subcommittee of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce).

This was not a typical Capitol Hill hearing. TV monitors carried the session, but one screen showed the virtual session streaming in real time, complete with avatars providing some text-chat play by play, such as: “There’s another softball question.”

Congressmen noticed a range of actions informed by vision and clarity of purpose. One of the most needed actions from the Congress is programs that will spur the technical development of the 3D Internet.

Watch the full video here.

Read the Washington Post article here.

Picture Copyright © Rik Panganiban / Rik Riel

AVW selects 3DXplorer

After evaluating a few possible technologies, the Association of Virtual World decided to choose 3DXplorer for enabling its members explore the new 3D virtual world headquarters and facilities , actually under construction by Trimensions Metaverse Development.

In a recent communication, released by the Association of Virtual Worlds, Dave Elchoness, Executive Director said: “With its unique 3Dxplorer technology, Altadyn is positioned to deliver a virtual world experience to benefit even those who have never before explored virtual worlds. Trimensions Metaverse Development develops imaginative 3D spaces that are also functional – a necessary combination. We believe that this team will create a place and experience that our members will enjoy, regardless of whether they are industry insiders or newcomers to virtual worlds”.

Altadyn is committed to provide AVW and its members with innovative and accessible new features. To read the whole PR, press here.

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