3D virtual art galleries

The level of appreciation of an artwork depends mostly on its surrounding environment, which highly impacts our perception and drastically influences the feelings that the piece of artwork creates in us. Try it by yourself ; compare a print of a beautiful painting (try even with an excellent quality of print), and watch the same painting inside a sophisticated and adapted frame, well enlightened with the right spotlight, placed in a well decorated room, near other gorgeous furniture. It’s different right?

Obviously, this is the reason why art gallery owners invest in beautiful halls with attractive furniture to make sure that their paintings, their photographs or other scenes are well emphasized.

The rational in the virtual world is the same as in the real world!

Artists have started using virtual 3D spaces to exhibit their creations on the web, replacing their traditional websites. Their creations are emphasized and valued thanks to a more sophisticated evironment than the old 2D flat webpage of jpg files. Inside a more pleasant space, within a 3D virtual room creating real feelings, the visitor can appreciate the artwork, in an immersive mode, through different angles, renderred as he/she walks.

The new exhibition hall created by avalonn is an excellent example of this concept. To see this 3D virtual exhibition hall of paintings, click here.

To create your own art gallery: www.3DXplorer.com

To learn more about the creator of the above example: www.avalonn.fr

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