Using “render-to-texture” & “texture baking” techniques


In order to enhance the realism of a scene, very often, we just need to improve lighting conditions and add shadows and other lighting effects. Obviously, in this fiend, real time engines are not supposed to go as far as most off-line rendering calculations. But sometimes, we may be able to use a pre-rendered scene inside 3DXplorer for a real time visualization.

This type of scenes can simply be generated by using “render to texture” or “texture baking” features in 3DSMax or in Maya.

These features enable 3DXPlorer designers to integrate the lighting and the shadows directly into texture files. By leaving the texture files of such a scene in the same folder than the file to be imported, they will be imported inside 3DXplorer together with the scene.

Once the scene is in 3DXPlorer, the texture materials property has to be set to “self illumination” in order to avoid rendering them twice.

Example: The scene called “Show-room” under “buildings” in the 3DXplorer objects library has some pre-rendered textures.

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