3DXplorer V3.01.02 now available



A small new version, just before the “big one”


This release comes just before a major release with first-of-their-kinds features, which will, once again, show the direction to the market soon.


While waiting for the big one, 3DXplorer V3.01.02, which can be activated through your project management panel inside your 3DXPlorer account, offers the following new features:


  • Ability to activate/deactivate the collision detection with objects or for the whole scene. By default, collision detection is active on all objects.
  • Support of both stairs and slopes
  • Support of collada format files for importing. The whole google 3DWarehouse library as well as other collada libraries are now supported for use with 3DXplorer. This feature includes both objects and animations import into 3DXplorer, through .dae files
  • Hyperlinks on objects or materials can now support options (target)
  • Walking speed can now be changed in each scene and becomes the property of a scene
  • Bug corrections and other minor improvements

Unlike other new versions, this version is not declared as “last release”. We want to move to the “big one” and avoid additional QA work for you. However if you can’t wait for the “big one” and need the above features, you can just use this version.


Have fun!



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