Virtual Benaroya – Replicating Famous Places as 3D Worlds

In July we announced the creation of a 3D virtual version of the Benaroya Hall in Seattle, home of the Seattle symphony. It’s now possible for anyone to simply click a link to visit most spaces of the Hall in full immersive 3D, walking down the corridors, up staircases, and exploring rooms, all in real-time.

Three rooms in the Benaroya Hall can be visited at the following links:

Grand Lobby

Entry Way

Founders’ Room

Benaroya Location in Downtown Seattle

Benaroya Location in Downtown Seattle

If you haven’t been to the Benaroya, it’s a beautiful concert hall right in the middle of the city at the corner of 3rd and University, a few minutes’ walk from the historic Pike Place Market opened in 1907 where you can catch fishmongers slinging whole salmon fresh off the boat.

Opened in September 1998, the design of Benaroya Hall houses two performing halls in a complex that is integrated into downtown Seattle. Occupying an entire city block at the center of the city, the development celebrates the role of performance events while maintaining the continuity of commercial life and providing a much-needed public space, in the form of a terraced garden. Including Seattle Symphony events, Benaroya Hall hosts hundreds of public and private events, conferences and shows such as the Casual Games Association’s “Casual Connect Seattle” conference. In fact, the rooms above were created for the Casual Games Association in conjunction with their Casual Connect Seattle 2008 conference held in July.

Benaroya Location in Downtown Seattle

Benaroya Location in Downtown Seattle

You can also learn more about the Benaroya from their web site here.

The virtual Benaroya Hall is a great example of how web3D can be used to enable people located anywhere in the world to experience an environment in full 3D.  Whether the place actually exists, as in this case, or used to exist such as an ancient monument like the Roman Forum in Rome, or will exist in the future, as in the case of planned construction by an architect or a home builder, or it is completely imaginary, like a social virtual world, a 3D casual game, a company’s web site, it can be visited and explored interactively.

For a concert hall like the Benaroya, it’s easy to see how 3DXplorer can be used to promote upcoming events such as concerts or conferences, creating impressions and emotions that just wouldn’t be possible with a 2D medium like a photo. This is just the beginning of an open and widely accessible 3D virtual universe, populated with both real and imaginary spaces, and to visit all you do is click a link.

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