Altadyn and the Virtual Worlds Conference & Expo

Well we’re back from the second annual Virtual Worlds Conference & Expo held in sunny Southern California at the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 3-4. According to the folks at Virtual Worlds Management, the show organizers, it was attended by over 1,300 people, up from the 1,100 who attended last year’s event in San Jose.

Altadyn Booth at VWE

Altadyn Booth at VWE

We met a lot of interesting companies and individuals at the show and came away excited about the opportunities for truly open and widely-accessible web3D. A key theme that kept coming up at the show, and the area that it appears much of the industry is focused on, is browser-based web3D, versus proprietary, client-based technologies or virtual worlds. Numerous times people stopped by our booth after a presentation, panel discussion or visiting another booth and asked about 3d in the browser. For instance, here is a blog post by “Dusan Writer” where the following is noted from one panel discussion: “…plug-ins or downloads mean you’re dead, a science project.

Altadyn Booth at VWE

Altadyn Booth at VWE

3DXplorer is still unique as the only truly plug-in-less, browser-based web3D platform, so we left with an even stronger conviction that we’re on the path that will bring web3D mainstream.

I also took note of a comment by Reuben Steiger of Millions of Us: “[There is] No way to do true 3D with Flash.” That’s why we chose Java. You can see the presentation here and the comment is on slide 13.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough of the show floor; sorry itis a little jerky. You first see our booth at 1:47 in the video and then another brief shot at 1:56.

Also, while at the show we announced Meet in 3D, a new concept that envisions immersive 3D becoming a standard component of web sites.  See the next post for more info.

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