Cube3 Partners with Altadyn on Meet in 3D

Founded in 1990 under the leadership of Larry Rosenthal, Cube Productions Inc. was a founding element of what has been known to become “Silicon Alley” in New York City. Now situated in California, Larry continues to design, direct, and consult on digital projects now mainly focused on entertainment and the Internet.

Larry’s work experience has focused on being a producer, designer and director for both television and digital media. He has worked for over 15 years creating the look and ideas of worlds, products, and environments for clients ranging from entertainment companies like SONY, Paramount, AOL, MTV and CBS to more corporate companies like Proctor and Gamble and Sara Lee Corp.

Larry has extensive experience and credits in science fiction, genre design, game development and web3D, including “STARBASE,” the first 3D FLASH/VRML/E-commerce-immersive science fiction site building a community of Sci-Fi fans online via AOL and the web.

He has written on 3d design and technologies for many trade magazines, has frequent speaking roles at industry trade shows, and the documentation of past projects of his has appeared in magazines such as WIRED, NEWMEDIA, Macweek, MSNBC, and multiple books published by the Coriolis group on 3D design and New Media.

During the last few years, Larry has been working with clients both public and private to deliver the next generation of virtual worlds and web3D game-like immersive content and entertainment. With the popularity of Second Life and the new generation of virtual worlds, Cube3 has been working with technology companies like Verizon and Swisscom, and media agencies such as Mediacom and others to create unique VR world experiences and projects.

Some images of the virtual worlds being offered by Cube3 are provide below. 

Cube3 Officepodz

Cube3 Officepodz


Cube3 Officepodz

Cube3 Officepodz

You can visit Cube3 at

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