Get Together In the Web with GoWeb3D’s Low Cost, Super Easy Virtual Reality Websites

One of Altadyn’s content creation partners GoWeb3D recently made an exciting announcement offering a unique line of revolutionary virtual reality 3D websites built on 3DXplorer.

“Click, enter, and get together” on the web with GoWeb3D’s new and unique line of virtual reality 3D websites. Without any special download or plug-in, users will see and interact with each other, shop, work, and play together in GoWeb3D’s 3D offices, conference rooms, classrooms, exhibit halls, and retail spaces. By enabling “get togethers” inside otherwise ordinary websites at regular web addresses, GoWeb3D will save users money on gas and air travel, help save the environment, and provide more meaningful web experiences for users around the globe.

GoWeb3D is a joint venture founded by virtual worlds and web3D industry experts Dave Elchoness, CEO of VRWorkplace, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado, USA and Rahul Dutta, CEO of Trimensions Metaverse Development, of Gurgaon, India.

“GoWeb3D is committed to offering transformative internet experiences at all price points.” says Dave Elchoness, CEO of VRWorkplace. “Not only will we design and integrate custom web3D interactive experiences into large retailers’ existing websites, but we will open new markets to small businesses now able to reach out globally with realistic storefronts and offices.”

Rahul Dutta, CEO of Trimensions, adds, “GoWeb3D’s approach removes all barriers to entry from a technology perspective. Our products using Altadyn’s 3Dxplorer toolset will be super easy to use and require absolutely no special download or plug-in.”

Some images of the worlds being offered by GoWeb3D are included below, and you can learn more about them at their site at

Conference Room

Conference Room







Dave Greenfield who writes for ZDNet also blogged about the announcement.

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