New Avalonn Web site – This Is Cool!

Avalonn, one of Altadyn’s content creation partners working with us on the Meet in 3D initiative and associated 3DXplorer promotional bundles, is run by the extremely creative team of architects and 3D designers Valéry Dubois and Marie-Odile Teixeira.

The Avalonn web site can be visited at and is divided into two sections, a 2D and 3D section.

When you click on the 3D site you enter a surreal 3D globe made up of floating fragments in what appears to be the black vacuum of space. 

Avalonn 3D Web Site

Avalonn 3D Web Site

As you approach the world you notice that there is a plane on which you can walk with an ultra-modern bar and chairs in the center.  Around the edges are billboards showing images of various Avalonn 3D worlds that are hyperlinked to the worlds themselves.

Avalonn 3D Web Site

Avalonn 3D Web Site

The various worlds offered by Avalon are also very creative and unique.  An image of the surf world is below, you can enter it via the hyperlink in the Avalon 3D site.

Avalonn Surf World

Avalonn Surf World

This world just feels cool to me, check it out and let us and Valery and Marie know what you think.

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