How to open a door inside 3DXplorer? A scripting example…

A frequently asked question is: How can I script my doors inside 3DXplorer studio, so that the visitor can open/close a door? Here’s the answer:

No need for scripting inside 3DSMAX or whatever modeling tools you use. You just need to make sure that the object’s pivots are correctly defined inside your modelling tool, in order to have the right rotations. For a door, the pivot needs to be placed on the axis of the hinges, and not in the middle of the door (default pivot placement in most modelling tools).

Also , don’t forget to check the expert mode.

To manage the opening of a door, right click on the door and select “edit element”

Door manipulaton with 3DXplorer

Create an initial state: closed

To add lines under Action Handlers: Add Action

To edit the fields “State” and “If State”, double click in the fields

The filed “required right” should include “look”, so that any visitor can open the door and close it, otherwise “edit” means the door can be opened only when you are in editing mode (3DXplorer Studio).

Of course you can modify the rotation angle, or define your own events for any action handler.

Enjoy scripting with 3DXplorer.

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