No crisis for “Meet in 3D”. Promotional bundles continued.

It’s hard to avoid the bad news these days, with markets going from one extreme to another, trembling the whole economy worldwide. The media, as usual are amplifying the phenomena giving the impression that the world is reaching the end, that companies have stopped working that everybody’s become jobless and that banks are going to close and take your money with them .

Hopefully the reality is not that dark, not only at Altadyn but also for most customers with whom we are dealing. The “Meet in 3D” concept introduced last month has successfully found echo in this tough period. Just during last week, we welcomed three new customers who purchased “Meet in 3D” bundles that we introduced last September during Virtual World Expo in Los Angeles. These customers are from very different fields including a prominent US governmental organization, a mid-size European software vendor and a US based real estate group of companies.

A Meet-in-3D scene

A Meet-in-3D scene

The common point among all is the desire to get in touch with their web visitors, organize spaces for talking and chatting and build their customized accessible world fast (browser-based/plug-in-less) , all at an affordable cost. This is all about 3DXplorer.

Watch our future communications for more on their creations.

Consequently, we decided to extend the time-limited promotional offers for an unlimited period.

Contact us for a custom quote at sales(at)3DXplorer(dot)com.

Online Meeting in a 3D room: private beta started!

With the upcoming release of 3DXplorer, you will be able to share any application, or your desktop with everybody else in the 3D room by just clicking on the 3D screen. You can display in the screen inside the 3D space, whatever you see on your computer. You can even have several presenters in the room each showing their app on a different screen in the room. The typical example is a software vendor demonstrating their products by the sales engineer and the sales representative, one presenting powerpoint slides, the other running a demo. The screenshot below shows a powerpoint slide shown in one screen and a word document inside the other screen.

3DXplorer online meeting screenshot

3DXplorer online meeting screenshot

 The new release includes several other exciting features and enhancements, that you will discover soon.

Want to try this release while in private beta? Then drop us an e-mail at sales(at)3DXplorer(dot)com and we will provide with the instructions for the trial to qualified requests.
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