3DXplorer Enables Online Meetings Within Easily Accessible 3D Rooms

The new release, 4.2,  bridges the web3D and the web conferencing fields; it combines the accessibility and the ease of use of online meeting tools with the high level of engagement, intuition and excitement of Virtual Worlds. Meetings are as accessible and  immediate as standard web meeting solutions, while offering engaging immersive interactive 3D virtual worlds experience.

An online meeting set up in minutes with a 3DXplorer template room

An online meeting set up in minutes with a 3DXplorer template room

Online Meeting contains all the elements of a typical solution, like shared presentations, instant messaging, and live conversation through Skype, but adds a new dimension to the experience of remote conferencing.  Online Meeting places the event into an interactive 3DXplorer virtual space.  Hosts can choose a customized meeting venue that resemble real conference settings, or build their own room.  Each online participant is represented by an avatar, which the user can control within the 3D environment.

3DXplorer Online Meeting offers a great alternative for companies looking for a unique way to capture interest of participants and engage them on a deeper level. When users have more interactive options, the meeting is more entertaining, inclusive, and personal than the standard faire, which participants might approach more passively.  Users pay more attention to the proceedings and feel more present in the animated context.

The new Online Meeting module includes:

• Application sharing: Display your application on to any screen inside the 3D scene, visible by all meeting participants
• Full desktop sharing: Share your desktop up to a 1024 x 1024 resolution
• Multi-presenters meetings: no obligation to stop sharing and changing presenter
• Seated pose: Avatars can sit down and watch a presentation
• Pop-up Zoom: Enables watching a presentation out of the 3D context
• Laser pointer: Any avatar can point on any presentation or any object in the scene, using a laser beam pointer

Learn more and see how it works.

Web meeting software vendors can take advantage of this new technology , as these features can also be fully integrated into any existing online meeting or web conferencing solution through 3DXplorer’s API. 

3DXplorer users can subscribe to premium Online Meeting services starting at $41 monthly. All former free features of the 3DXplorer platform  — for development, authoring, and display for small or mid-size websites — are still available for free.

2 Responses

  1. Very cool idea, I would love to join a meeting like this. However, I don’t see the general public using this. I think it would complicate things for most people.

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for your comment.
    You are welcome to one of 3DXplorer webinars to learn more about how it works.
    On your comment, it requires a little bit more manipulations from the user for some more benefits (more emotions, more engagement, multi-presenter meetings, more context oriented, etc…). So if the user does not see the benefits then of course why bothering.
    More generally, 3D web is progressively penetrating the web. We don’t expect all webex and gotomeeting users to move to 3D in one night. Like any new technology, early adopters have started using it, and some people will join later, some others in a few years, and some will never make it. And that’s fine.

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