3DXplorer’s Meet-in-3D application used by real estate investors

Systems XXI replicated their real offices on their new website http://www.bigdealshighyields.com/ to increase interactivity and offer a virtual “face-to-face” experience on the website.



The 2 rooms office has been built based on existing photos and provided floor plan, and the 3D space was up and running  within a few days.

This Meet in 3D approach is a first-of-its kind as the home page entrance is built in 3D, and in order to help visitors with the navigation, the left vertical frame is used for some instructions, information and links to the groups traditional 2D websites.

To learn more about Meet in 3D, visit the presentation page, or regsiter for one of the upcoming 3DXplorer webinars.

The new version, 3DXplorer V4.03.00, is now online

The new version, online since last Wednesday, brings the following new features for the Online Meeting application:

  • New user interface for desktop sharing enables immediate launching of full desktop sharing and adds control buttons on the main window. This helps first time users. The 3D screen itself goes black to avoid confusions of sending your own 3D space to the room.
  • No more limitation of to 1024×1024 screens. You can now share any size of screen.
  • Enhanced global performance, with faster refreshing.
  • Removed the grey screen for demo purpose. Now the demo version only has a text watermark.
  • Bug corrections

This version also brings the following new features for the 3DXplorer platform:

  • Video popups can now be linked to any screen or frame in the room (any material). When clicked by the visitor, a video popup will open and stream the video positioned appropriately on the screen and respecting its size. (limited to java 6 users and above)
  • Bug corrections : COLLADA import now fully supports animated objects and avatars.
  • As usual, to use the new release, you don’t need any action (as far as you have kept your project under “Last Release” status, which is the one by default on all accounts).

    We welcome your feedback !

    A US Based server for 3DXplorer to better serve US customers

    To improve bandwidth performances and better serve our US customers, we have now a stronger bandwidth server based in the united states. The new server is in production since Saturday December 6 and according to most customers testimonials it has drastically reduced the time needed to enter 3DXplorer spaces.  

     us-map small



    Please feedback.

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