3DXplorer Puts Government Networking in 3D.

FCVW goes live with 3DXplorer.

We are delighted to announce that the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW), a group sponsored by the National Defense University (NDU)‘s Information Resources Management College (IRMC) who subscribed to 3DXplorer services during Q4/2008, went live with 3DXplorer Meet-in-3D application last Friday. To enter the FCVW’s virtual lobby click here.


The Consortium has also set up a conference room for organizing webinars, using 3DXplorer Online Meeting application.  Participation to conferences is on invitation.
The FCVW’s membership includes government staff (federal, state & local, and international), various 3D vendors and academics interested in the development and use of Virtual Worlds in government.
By using 3DXplorer’s Browser-based plug-in-less technology, FCVW contributes to an increased usage of Virtual Worlds and 3D spaces by the Federal government, thanks to higher accessibility and easier deployment.

To read more about FCVW’s experience with 3DXplorer, go to FCVW’s home page, or here.

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