How to create animated objects in 3DXplorer?

There are several ways to setup auto run animated objects in 3DXplorer.
You can create the animation outside 3DXplorer, with your favorite modelling and animation tool (3DS Max, Maya, etc…), export in COLLADA and import the COLLADA file into 3DXplorer. The 3DXplorer COLLADA importer DOES support animations.
You have also some animation features available from inside the 3DXplorer Studio. For instance if you want to have an object turn around its central axis, here’s the way to do it:
Under Action Handlers, ADD ACTION then Action Name = Init, Procedure = Animate Rotation
You have to select the right rotation axis. For a typical rotation around the vertical axis you would say Z=(1,0) as Z is the vertical axis.

Enjoy animated objects!

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