New Release, 3DXplorer V4.04 is live !

3DXplorer 4.04 includes a lot of new and appreciated features usually reserved for major releases, including important enhancements and optimization of the 3D engine itself.
We have categorized the enhancement by applications:

1) For 3DXplorer platform (affecting all applications):

  • Total load time reduced by half or one third in most situations
  • Impression of loading time divided by 4 or 5 thanks to progressive loading technique (visualize the space being built while you wait)
  • Customizable loading page for all paid customers
  • Your avatar login information is saved for a faster login
  • Interconnected 3D spaces, no more require login. This is helpful when you are already logged into a space and click a door to enter another 3DXplorer space.

2) Online Meeting Application

  • New “Planning” button enables Online Meeting users to manage each room individually. Users can set up a new meeting, define date, start/end hours, setup the time zone, include voice system information used for the meeting, define a moderator, and a password.

  • The result is a URL which will only be valid for the meeting time. This URL is different than the room’s general URL which maybe or not password protected and enables permanent access to the room, if used. Content of a typical invitation e-mail is prepared: the user just needs to copy/paste it into an email and send it out.
  • Planned meetings: They can be viewed and modified as necessary.
  • Meetings history: Meetings history is recorded in the account including the date/time and the list of the avatars who attended, together with the avatars

3) New features for Meet-in-3D Application

  • New Analytics module enables MI3D administrator, analyze the traffic of their 3D web space through avatars . The reporting includes statistics on:

a) numbers of avatars daily,

b) which avatars came more often,

c) how long stayed,

d) how many times visited, and more.

  • “Bell emails”: Any 3DXplorer space administrator can enter one or several bell emails for each space. Each time someone (a visitor avatar) enters that space, those e-mails recipients will receive a bell ringing e-mail saying: “ding-dong…someone entered”.

And of course, to use the new release 4.04 you have to download….what ? you said download? Nooooooo!
To use the new release you don’t need to do anything….just click on any world and use it….remember “plug-in-less”? Browser-based? no client software?…. 🙂 Enjoy it!

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