MetaverSense uses 3DXplorer for electoral debates and elections

Dr. Hanan Gazit, MetaverSense CEO, revealed the winners of the first Israeli Elections 2009 Web3D arena during the Israeli ESHNAV 2009 Winter Conference “Internet and Technology in the Service of Democracy” which took place in Tel-Aviv. The Web3D environment afford civilians, students, teachers and children to discuss the importance of elections in a democratic state and vote for their preferred candidate to be Prime Minister. It supports chatting and communicating with 30 avatars.


The virtual arena has links to the web sites of the candidates. Clicking on a red ball over a blue ballot box marked “vote here” opens a new window where voters can cast their vote for their preferred candidate. A news item on the National TV Channel1 “Mabat news program” covered a children’s activity in the virtual arena at an elementary school in the centre of the country.
The 3D virtual arena was built based on the 3DXplorer platform by MetaverSense Ltd and GoWeb3D Network, as a part of their strategic cooperation agreement for promoting virtual worlds and Web3D experiences.

See more photos here:

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