Altadyn presented 3DXplorer in Washington D.C.

We were pleased to present 3DXplorer, to federal government managers and other visitors during the Federal Consortium for Virtual World (FCVW) annual event, at the National Defense University in Washington D.C., last week.

The FCVW, also a 3DXplorer client, is using both the Meet-in-3D application (note the navigation bar on the home page), and the Online Meeting application for webinars.

On Wednesday April 22, two dedicated presentation sessions, each during one hour, were the occasion to present 3DXplorer platform, the authoring studio, the avatar configurator, as well as the flagship applications of Online Meeting and Meet-in-3D to the participants who were also able to watch the creation of a new space in minutes and to ask questions in regards with 3DXplorer unique features, with a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

On Thursday and Friday, participants could meet company’s CEO, Darius Lahoutifard, and discuss projects and ask questions. In the meantime several conferences and panel discussions were held in different halls at NDU and the main one was streamed live using 7 different virtual worlds platforms, simultaneously. 3DXplorer was the most accessible and the only one which was not requiring neither installation nor registration. Hundreds of visitors, could thus watch the conference program, live, without having to travel to D.C.

The event was a particularly well organized one, with many valuable presentations and show cases of use of virtual worlds within the US government & defense segment, positioning the FCVW as the leading group in this space.

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