Check out 3DXplorer’s new user documentation.

Good news! Two new manuals are now available for all 3DXplorer Studio users, under “Help”:

Users’ Manual: It provides task oriented functional help to users in order to execute tasks within 3DXplroer Studio, such as : “How to create an Online Meeting space.” Or “How to animate objects”. Some of these helps were available until now through

blog articles; several new tasks have been added and the whole list is now available under help.

Reference Manual: It provides help for each specifi feature and menu button to help users understand their use case.


Both sections include screen captures and examples helping with an even faster learning curve for 3DXplorer Studio.

To open these HTML manuals, enter your online 3DXplorer account and find the HELP in the menu.

We welcome your feedback on this new set of manuals.

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