Cube3 offers corporate 3D spaces with 3DXplorer

OfficePodz, is the name of this new “virtual office system” for corporate spaces, designed and architectured by Larry Rosenthal, Cube3‘s leader.

C3 OfficePodz is composed of a group of customizable 3D spaces that offer the most common activities and features that corporate users have requested for using virtual worlds online. The  initial offer includes a basic showroom/ conference room/ seminar modular space, a more specialized video theater modular space, and an auditorium/stadium outside space for larger group meetings and seminars, all designed and hosted with 3DXplorer.

“Many Virtual Spaces or Worlds online are either very expensive projects in closed platform low corporate usage worlds, or visually designed as “2D cartoon-like games” and are not appropriate for corporate commercial usage in a real business environment.” stated Cube3‘s Larry Rosenthal. “The C3 OfficePodz are designed specifically in a clean professional modern style that once customized with graphics and client specific content, can provide the easiest to access, greatest reach solution, to virtual worlds for business website’s online.”

To read Cube3 full press release, click here.

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