New release of 3DXplorer v4.04.07 now live.

Today, a new minor release of 3DXplorer has gone live, with the following new features:

  1. For 3D spaces which are interconnected with hyper links, when a user teleports from one space to another, a pop-up message provides with the “name” of the destination space and asks for confirmation. This “name” is the same name the owner of the space has given to the project (ie: project name). Previously instead of the name, the user was seeing the encrypted URL, which was not very explicit in most cases.
  2. The desktop sharing user interface (screen buttons) have been improved.
  3. In the studio, there is no more pop up message when saving a space.
  4. Plus some additional  bug fixing and minor improvements.

Example: Enter the new AVW Headquarters, walk into the middle of the space, note the door on your right which leads you to the Auditorium, click on the door to enter the Auditorium and note the pop up message.


This new release has become the “Last Relaese”, meaning that, as usual, all your projects with last-release are using this new release with no action required from the owner nor from the user.

Enjoy it!

New Release, 3DXplorer V4.04.06 is Live!

3DXPlorer V4.04.06 point release includes important feature enhancements and additions that refine both a developer’s and site visitor’s experience!

  • Separated Keyboard/Mouse Control —  Users can now navigate and move throughout 3DXPlorer spaces using either the keyboard or mouse independent of each other.  This makes navigation much easier for everyone, but especially new users and those already familiar with standard PC gaming navigation.
  • Help Button Removed From Action Menu —  A “Help” button is located in the upper left corner of all 3DXplorer spaces (and, in all modes), making access easiest.
  • Save Scene Pop-Up —  From “Edit” mode, when saving a scene, a pop-up appears to confirm that the scene has been saved (a reminder to publish the scene is also provided).
  • 3DS Max 2009’s COLLADA Compatibility —  3DXPlorer is now compatible with all versions of COLLADA, including 3DS Max 2009, which introduced some major changes in the file structure.

And, to use the new release just download… wait, what?  download… noooooo!  To use the new release you don’t need to download or do anything differently… just click on any 3DXPlorer space and the newest version is loaded automatically… remember its the first “plug-in-less” browser-based immersive and interactive 3D Online platform!

FAQ: How Much Bandwidth Is Required To Run The Online Meeting Application?

Recently, several users asked us this question:How Much Bandwidth Is Required To Run The Online Meeting Application?

The following is a list of the minimum bandwidth requirements for the Online Meeting application:

  • When Loading The Scene —  1000 kbps for reasonably fast loading (this bandwidth is only required once during each session, and that is when avatars are entering the scene at load-time—based on 10 avatars)
  • Once Scene Has Loaded —  150 kbps (based on 10 avatars walking around and chatting within the scene)
  • When Sharing A Desktop, At Peak (Partial-Screen Sharing Mode) —  160 kbps to RECEIVE; add 360 kbps to SEND or EMIT (based on typical 640×480 partial screen sharing resolution)
  • When Sharing A Desktop, At Peak (Full-Screen Sharing Mode) —  800 kbps to RECEIVE; add 1800 kbps to SEND or EMIT (based on typical 1600×1000 full screen sharing resolution)

Enjoy sharing your desktop in your favorite 3DXplorer room!

Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun Microsystems is a Giant Step Forward for Java!

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has signaled that once the $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems is completed, he’ll push aggressively for broader use of Java software — by challenging Google and Microsoft, among others, in developing programs for netbooks, mobile devices and office productivity.

Ellison stated, “I think you’ll see lots and lots of Java devices, some coming from our friends at Google, but I don’t see why some of the devices shouldn’t come from Sun-Oracle,” he said. “There will be computers fundamentally based on Java and JavaFX, devices based on Java and JavaFX, not only from Google but also from Sun.”  Ellison even mentioned he wants to use Sun’s JavaFX Web development tools to beef up OpenOffice, a set of programs developed to rival Microsoft’s Office franchise.

3DXplorer, being Java-based and currently the only immersive and interactive 3D Online development platform which is browser-based and plug-in-less, will have significantly more development applications and an even broader market reach.  As a true enterprise software company, Oracle and its acquisition, is a giant step forward for Java.  3DXplorer developers and users will be in an ideal position to benefit greatly from this push for broader Java use!

3DXplorer Partner, Trimensions Is Recognized As A “Top 50 Innovator” By India’s NASSCOM

Trimensions, using the 3DXplorer platform, has been heavily involved with developing browser-based virtual applications and was recently named one of NASSCOM’s top 50 innovators.  This prestigious award is not easily earned.  Every year thousands of applications are submitted and screened rigorously to select only 50 who are leaders in their class.


Initially Trimensions had restricted its virtual development and research to Second Life.  Since early 2008 however, it has shifted emphasis to browser-based virtual environments, choosing 3DXplorer as its preferred development platform.  Using 3DXplorer, Trimensions has created several virtual environment training and education solutions and is achieving breakthrough results on a regular basis.

GoWeb3D Experiences is a specific Trimensions innovation powered by the 3DXplorer platform and won the “Most Innovative Education Product or Service” award by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in December of 2008.

Note: NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industries in India.  NASSCOM’s membership base constitutes over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 2.24 million professionals.

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