New Release, 3DXplorer V4.04.06 is Live!

3DXPlorer V4.04.06 point release includes important feature enhancements and additions that refine both a developer’s and site visitor’s experience!

  • Separated Keyboard/Mouse Control —  Users can now navigate and move throughout 3DXPlorer spaces using either the keyboard or mouse independent of each other.  This makes navigation much easier for everyone, but especially new users and those already familiar with standard PC gaming navigation.
  • Help Button Removed From Action Menu —  A “Help” button is located in the upper left corner of all 3DXplorer spaces (and, in all modes), making access easiest.
  • Save Scene Pop-Up —  From “Edit” mode, when saving a scene, a pop-up appears to confirm that the scene has been saved (a reminder to publish the scene is also provided).
  • 3DS Max 2009’s COLLADA Compatibility —  3DXPlorer is now compatible with all versions of COLLADA, including 3DS Max 2009, which introduced some major changes in the file structure.

And, to use the new release just download… wait, what?  download… noooooo!  To use the new release you don’t need to download or do anything differently… just click on any 3DXPlorer space and the newest version is loaded automatically… remember its the first “plug-in-less” browser-based immersive and interactive 3D Online platform!

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