New release of 3DXplorer v4.04.07 now live.

Today, a new minor release of 3DXplorer has gone live, with the following new features:

  1. For 3D spaces which are interconnected with hyper links, when a user teleports from one space to another, a pop-up message provides with the “name” of the destination space and asks for confirmation. This “name” is the same name the owner of the space has given to the project (ie: project name). Previously instead of the name, the user was seeing the encrypted URL, which was not very explicit in most cases.
  2. The desktop sharing user interface (screen buttons) have been improved.
  3. In the studio, there is no more pop up message when saving a space.
  4. Plus some additional  bug fixing and minor improvements.

Example: Enter the new AVW Headquarters, walk into the middle of the space, note the door on your right which leads you to the Auditorium, click on the door to enter the Auditorium and note the pop up message.


This new release has become the “Last Relaese”, meaning that, as usual, all your projects with last-release are using this new release with no action required from the owner nor from the user.

Enjoy it!

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