New release 3DXplorer V5 being available in test mode now.

We have been working hard during the past months on new products, new website, new features for existing products, new user interface, new packaging, new pricing, and even more. Now we have a series of exciting news being prepared , that we’ll be sharing with you in the coming days and weeks. One of them is the new release.

3DXplorer V5 is a major release bringing unique, first-of-its-kind innovative features to the emerging web3D market. A stronger and more reliable cloud-based network architecture, more choices and categories of avatars, over a 100 avatars simultaneously in a single room, Enterprise edition enabling intranet installations , behind the firewall, with unlimited number of rooms, white label services for sales & marketing partners and more possibilities of customizations are among the new features.

New website

Switching from the existing version (4.4) to V5, we’ll start by a period of general availability of the new release, in parallel with the existing release. So as of tomorrow, you ‘ll be able to use the new release and the new website, if you like.

To try the new website and the new user interface to the products go to this link.

To try the new 3DXplorer applet for your Online Meetings or Meet-in3D projects,  we recommend you enter into your account, create new projects, either by copying existing live projects or by creating brand new projects, then open the project’s setting page, and under “version” change the version from “Last Release” to “test”. Upward compatibility is provided, as usual, but not downward. So to upgrade your live projects to the new release, we recommend you either do it, without modifying and saving the environment in the Studio (just change the release to test), or you wait until V5 changes status from “Test” to “Last Release”. Of course you can copy any live space and try all modifications in the copied space.

We’d love to read from you with your feedbacks on all these new features. Let us know!

New release of 3DXplorer v4.04.07 now live.

Today, a new minor release of 3DXplorer has gone live, with the following new features:

  1. For 3D spaces which are interconnected with hyper links, when a user teleports from one space to another, a pop-up message provides with the “name” of the destination space and asks for confirmation. This “name” is the same name the owner of the space has given to the project (ie: project name). Previously instead of the name, the user was seeing the encrypted URL, which was not very explicit in most cases.
  2. The desktop sharing user interface (screen buttons) have been improved.
  3. In the studio, there is no more pop up message when saving a space.
  4. Plus some additional  bug fixing and minor improvements.

Example: Enter the new AVW Headquarters, walk into the middle of the space, note the door on your right which leads you to the Auditorium, click on the door to enter the Auditorium and note the pop up message.


This new release has become the “Last Relaese”, meaning that, as usual, all your projects with last-release are using this new release with no action required from the owner nor from the user.

Enjoy it!

New Release, 3DXplorer V4.04.06 is Live!

3DXPlorer V4.04.06 point release includes important feature enhancements and additions that refine both a developer’s and site visitor’s experience!

  • Separated Keyboard/Mouse Control —  Users can now navigate and move throughout 3DXPlorer spaces using either the keyboard or mouse independent of each other.  This makes navigation much easier for everyone, but especially new users and those already familiar with standard PC gaming navigation.
  • Help Button Removed From Action Menu —  A “Help” button is located in the upper left corner of all 3DXplorer spaces (and, in all modes), making access easiest.
  • Save Scene Pop-Up —  From “Edit” mode, when saving a scene, a pop-up appears to confirm that the scene has been saved (a reminder to publish the scene is also provided).
  • 3DS Max 2009’s COLLADA Compatibility —  3DXPlorer is now compatible with all versions of COLLADA, including 3DS Max 2009, which introduced some major changes in the file structure.

And, to use the new release just download… wait, what?  download… noooooo!  To use the new release you don’t need to download or do anything differently… just click on any 3DXPlorer space and the newest version is loaded automatically… remember its the first “plug-in-less” browser-based immersive and interactive 3D Online platform!

Check out 3DXplorer’s new user documentation.

Good news! Two new manuals are now available for all 3DXplorer Studio users, under “Help”:

Users’ Manual: It provides task oriented functional help to users in order to execute tasks within 3DXplroer Studio, such as : “How to create an Online Meeting space.” Or “How to animate objects”. Some of these helps were available until now through

blog articles; several new tasks have been added and the whole list is now available under help.

Reference Manual: It provides help for each specifi feature and menu button to help users understand their use case.


Both sections include screen captures and examples helping with an even faster learning curve for 3DXplorer Studio.

To open these HTML manuals, enter your online 3DXplorer account and find the HELP in the menu.

We welcome your feedback on this new set of manuals.

New Release, 3DXplorer V4.04 is live !

3DXplorer 4.04 includes a lot of new and appreciated features usually reserved for major releases, including important enhancements and optimization of the 3D engine itself.
We have categorized the enhancement by applications:

1) For 3DXplorer platform (affecting all applications):

  • Total load time reduced by half or one third in most situations
  • Impression of loading time divided by 4 or 5 thanks to progressive loading technique (visualize the space being built while you wait)
  • Customizable loading page for all paid customers
  • Your avatar login information is saved for a faster login
  • Interconnected 3D spaces, no more require login. This is helpful when you are already logged into a space and click a door to enter another 3DXplorer space.

2) Online Meeting Application

  • New “Planning” button enables Online Meeting users to manage each room individually. Users can set up a new meeting, define date, start/end hours, setup the time zone, include voice system information used for the meeting, define a moderator, and a password.

  • The result is a URL which will only be valid for the meeting time. This URL is different than the room’s general URL which maybe or not password protected and enables permanent access to the room, if used. Content of a typical invitation e-mail is prepared: the user just needs to copy/paste it into an email and send it out.
  • Planned meetings: They can be viewed and modified as necessary.
  • Meetings history: Meetings history is recorded in the account including the date/time and the list of the avatars who attended, together with the avatars

3) New features for Meet-in-3D Application

  • New Analytics module enables MI3D administrator, analyze the traffic of their 3D web space through avatars . The reporting includes statistics on:

a) numbers of avatars daily,

b) which avatars came more often,

c) how long stayed,

d) how many times visited, and more.

  • “Bell emails”: Any 3DXplorer space administrator can enter one or several bell emails for each space. Each time someone (a visitor avatar) enters that space, those e-mails recipients will receive a bell ringing e-mail saying: “ding-dong…someone entered”.

And of course, to use the new release 4.04 you have to download….what ? you said download? Nooooooo!
To use the new release you don’t need to do anything….just click on any world and use it….remember “plug-in-less”? Browser-based? no client software?…. 🙂 Enjoy it!

The new version, 3DXplorer V4.03.00, is now online

The new version, online since last Wednesday, brings the following new features for the Online Meeting application:

  • New user interface for desktop sharing enables immediate launching of full desktop sharing and adds control buttons on the main window. This helps first time users. The 3D screen itself goes black to avoid confusions of sending your own 3D space to the room.
  • No more limitation of to 1024×1024 screens. You can now share any size of screen.
  • Enhanced global performance, with faster refreshing.
  • Removed the grey screen for demo purpose. Now the demo version only has a text watermark.
  • Bug corrections

This version also brings the following new features for the 3DXplorer platform:

  • Video popups can now be linked to any screen or frame in the room (any material). When clicked by the visitor, a video popup will open and stream the video positioned appropriately on the screen and respecting its size. (limited to java 6 users and above)
  • Bug corrections : COLLADA import now fully supports animated objects and avatars.
  • As usual, to use the new release, you don’t need any action (as far as you have kept your project under “Last Release” status, which is the one by default on all accounts).

    We welcome your feedback !

    3DXplorer V4.2 is live! online meetings , easier account management, slideshows, animated 3D objects, seated avatars, and more…

    After a 3 weeks private beta period, the new version of 3DXplorer, more precisely named 4.02.00,  is now live and accessible to all. This post describes the list of the new features brought by this release.

    1) Online Meeting features include:
      a. Application sharing: Display your application on to any screen inside the 3D scene, visible by all 
      b. Full desktop sharing: Share your desktop up to a 1024 x 1024 resolution
      c. Multi-presenters meetings: no obligation to stop sharing and changing presenter 
      d. Seated pose: Avatars can sit down and watch a presentation
      e. Pop-up Zoom: Enables watching a presentation out of the 3D context 
      f.Laser pointer: any avatar can point on any presentation or any object in the scene, using a laser beam pointer

    See the full overview of the new online meeting features.

    2) Avatars:

      a. Visitors can now enter with a guest avatar, enabling them to avoid registration and customization of their avatars, if they don’t want to do so. 
      b. Entering in avatar mode is now the default mode, although it’s still possible to skip. 
      c. Faster avatars loading: 2 to 3 times faster compared to previous versions. 
      d. Avatars can now sit down.

    3) New account management features include:
       a. Direct URL links making 3D spaces even more accessible
       b. Thumbnail pictures facilitate projects management
       c. 3D scene settings accessible from the account management space
       d. New 3D templates enable easy 3D worlds creation
       e. Redesigned user interface for account management dashboard

    4) Autorun Slide show feature added: enables any picture , frame or screen in the 3D room to display a list of jpg files as slide show.

    5) Auto-animated objects: rotating bots can be set up easily through pre-scripted feature

    6) Avatars: Seated pose can be added to enabled animations

    7) Pricing:
       a. New premium function pricing: Online Meeting features available from $41 monthly
       b. All previous free features still available for free

    Let us know about your experience with this new version.

    See you with your avatar online!

    3DXplorer V4.01.03 now available

    A new release of 3DXplorer is available that adds Java 5 support in addition to Java 6.

    Java 5 support has been available for some time, however, it required publishing your 3D space using a special pre-release version of the 3DXplorer online studio.

    Now you simply use the default “LastRelease” in the Version pulldown menu on the Project Management web page as shown in the screen shot below.

    3DXplorer Project Management Page - Choosing LastRelease Version

    3DXplorer Project Management Page - Choosing LastRelease Version

    Most Macs and Linux systems require Java 5 support so this should provide a consistent experience on all supported platforms.

    In general, there is nothing one should need to do to ensure their worlds support the latest version, unless one was explicitly creating 3D spaces in an older version and now wants to update them to the latest version.  In this case, you will need to update the applet HTML on the page where you have imbedded your 3D space. 

    To do this, simply select LastRelease from the Version pulldown menu  on the Project Management page as shown in the image above, and then regenerate the HTML by clicking on the small HTML icon in the column labeled Applet code.  Then just update the old HTML by cutting and pasting the new HTML into the page on which your 3D space is imbedded.

    The new release also adds support for keyframe animation imported via COLLADA, as well as providing a new feature in the online studio enabling rotation animation of 3D objects, such as a rotating banner or product in a showroom.

    The new release also includes some code optimization and addresses some outstanding defects, so overall stability and performance should be enhanced as well.

    Check it out and let us know what you think.

    The Altadyn Team

    3DXplorer V4 Live – Multiuser 3D worlds with Avatars and User-Generated Content!

    Well the big news this month is that 3DXplorer V4 has been released and is live at

    With V4 now any 3D world can now be “avatar enabled” allowing multiple visitors to explore and interact in real-time with avatars on any computer and browser.  So 3DXplorer is now multiuser, one of the remaining key features we have been working hard to get out the door.

    Virtual Benaroya Hall with Avatars

    Virtual Benaroya Hall with Avatars

    Visitors are now able to define their “universal avatar” once and enter any virtual world, 3D web site or casual game with the same avatar or personality.

    AVW Headquarters with Avatar

    AVW Headquarters with Avatar

    An integrated avatar configurator allows visitors to choose their avatar’s sex, face, hair, clothes and accessories such as hats or glasses.

    3DXplorer Avatar Configurator

    3DXplorer Avatar Configurator

    Avatars support a variety of animated actions, moods and interactions with other avatars, including walking, running, head shakes for yes and no, handshakes, hugs, laughing, yawning, dancing and more. Text chat along with integrated Skype calling is also supported.


    In addition to choosing to enable avatars, you can limit the number of avatars that may enter a world, as well as protecting worlds with a password. New avatars can be created with a free avatar creation kit that includes guidelines for new avatars, as well as 3ds Max models of standard avatar skeletons.

    You can check out the 3DXplorer V4 demonstration video here.

    Examples of 3D virtual worlds created in 3DXplorer that are avatar-enabled can be visited at the following links: 

    Seattle’s Benaroya Hall

    Association of Virtual Worlds

    Avalonn Picasso museum

    Note that the first is the virtual Benaroya Hall mentioned in a previous blog post, and the second is the virtual Headquarters of the Association of Virtual Worlds whose Executive Director Dave Elchoness had the following to say:

    “3DXplorer V4 just took a giant leap forward with its multiuser environment and support for live, custom avatars.  Now any web site can include an interactive 3D world, like a corporate web site staffed by company greeters who can answer questions or show off realistic 3D products, and all you do is click a link. It’s because of this accessibility that the Association of Virtual Worlds selected 3Dxplorer V4 for its virtual headquarters.” 

    All you have to do to create your own avatar is to sign up at  in the upper left “Get a 3D Avatar” section.  Also, if you already have a 3DXplorer world, sign in to the “Build Your Own 3D World” section at the upper right, and edit your world to enable avatars.  And of course, to create a new 3D world, just sign up for free.

    This brings up a question I have gotten from time to time.  Why have two logins?  Well, while many businesses or individuals will do both – create avatars and 3D worlds – it won’t always be the case.  In fact, we believe it will be commonplace for many users to simply want to create an avatar to visit existing 3D worlds without having to set up an account to allow them to create their own worlds. It is similar tro the difference between an end user and a developer.  Of course, it’s easy to do both, we just wanted it to be drop dead simple to create an avatar with minimal information required from the user.  To create an avatar, all you need to do is pick a name for your avatar and choose a password.  No other info is required, although there are fields for optional information like an email address so we can send you updates and announcements , Skype ID for integrated Skype calls and so on. 

    3DXplorer V4 also extends support for user-generated content using commonly available design and modeling tools by adding the ability to import 3D data in the popular COLLADA format. Modeling tools supporting COLLADA include Maya, 3ds Max, LightWave 3D, Softimage|XSI; Houdini; MeshLab, SketchUp, Blender and others. COLLADA is also Google Earth’s native format, and it’s supported by Google SketchUp and the Google 3D Warehouse providing access to a huge amount of existing 3D models such as buildings, furniture, vehicles, etc.

    For instance, here is an example I quickly did myself, and if I can do it anyone can.  I downloaded a model of the Sydney Opera House that was modeled in SketchUp and uploaded to the 3D Warehouse here.

    I then was able to import that into 3DXplorer using the online studio:

    Sydney Opera House Imported into 3DXplorer with COLLADA

    Sydney Opera House Imported into 3DXplorer with COLLADA

    And now here I am in 3DXplorer with the newly imported opera House, checking it out from the front and from the side (note that you can click on the thumbnails to get large views):

    Opera House in 3DXplorer

    Opera House in 3DXplorer

    And here I am inside the Opera House looking out at the front:

    Opera House From Inside

    Opera House From Inside

    Now granted for the inside view one needs to model the inside, but you get the idea. Now check this out; here I am in the Opera House with my avatar meeting with another avatar:

    Opera House with Avatars

    Opera House with Avatars

    Hey why not visit it yourself. It’s here: 3DXplorer Sydney Opera House Virtual World. (don’t be surprised; I have disabled the collision detection for a quick exploration there.)

    Now I did all this in less than an hour.  I found the SketchUp model, imported it into 3DXplorer, imbedded it in our web site and visited it with avatar and interacted with others — and I am not technical whiz.  Imagine that hundreds of thousands of models of buildings, structures, and so on, real, from the past or complete imaginary, modeled in SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, whatever, with new ones being created every day that are accessible to anyone on the web with a persistent universal avatar by just clicking a link.  And better, they can be visited by multiple people at a time that can interact, chat, talk via Skype and so on.  This is cool.

    COLLADA support extends 3DXplorer’s ability to import 3D data in industry standard formats, including the 3DS format supported by Autodesk’s 3ds Max, along with a variety of other applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, Rhino, and many others. An API is also provided enabling custom development of 3D web applications including casual games, collaborative tools, CAD/PLM environments, online meetings, product configurators, eLearning, and many others.

    In the words of Nate Randall, Founder of RCE Universe: “This is revolutionary. 3DXplorer lets you create your own world, your own city, your own room, your own items all of which are now easily accessible by everyone who has access to a computer and the Internet. And now with V4 it’s fully multiuser with your own avatars…without a download, and it’s seamless!”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    You can read the full press release here which includes a number of great quotes from industry analysts and experts.

    3DXplorer V3.01.02 now available



    A small new version, just before the “big one”


    This release comes just before a major release with first-of-their-kinds features, which will, once again, show the direction to the market soon.


    While waiting for the big one, 3DXplorer V3.01.02, which can be activated through your project management panel inside your 3DXPlorer account, offers the following new features:


    • Ability to activate/deactivate the collision detection with objects or for the whole scene. By default, collision detection is active on all objects.
    • Support of both stairs and slopes
    • Support of collada format files for importing. The whole google 3DWarehouse library as well as other collada libraries are now supported for use with 3DXplorer. This feature includes both objects and animations import into 3DXplorer, through .dae files
    • Hyperlinks on objects or materials can now support options (target)
    • Walking speed can now be changed in each scene and becomes the property of a scene
    • Bug corrections and other minor improvements

    Unlike other new versions, this version is not declared as “last release”. We want to move to the “big one” and avoid additional QA work for you. However if you can’t wait for the “big one” and need the above features, you can just use this version.


    Have fun!



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