US Corporations Interested In 3D Virtual Events

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And New SaaS Platform Launched For Virtual Events, Conferences, Tradeshows.

Have you noticed this article on our new blog site?

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University of Washington on 3D Virtual Events

Have you noticed this article on our new blog site?

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Federal Consortium for Virtual World (FCVW) Virtual Conference on 3DXplorer.

We are pleased to host the virtual streaming of the  Federal Consortium for Virtual World (FCVW) annual event, at the National Defense University in Washington D.C., on May 13th and May 14th , 2010.

The FCVW, also a 3DXplorer client, is using both the Meet-in-3D application (note the navigation bar on the home page), and the Online Meeting application for webinars.

Sign up for live webinars from Altadyn CEO Darius Lahoutifard featuring new integrated in-world voice technology.

Click here for the 3DXplorer streaming agenda.

3DXplorer is the most accessible platform hosting the event and the only one which does not require neither installation nor registration. Hundreds of visitors are expected to attend FCVW 2010 conference virtually on 3DXplorer. Want to be one of those? Want to see how the new VOIP works in 3DXplorer?  Sign up now.

Ask for your invitation to I/ITSEC

For those of you who need a free invitation to I/ITSEC ( Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference) which will be held in Orlando, Florida from November 30 to December 3, 2009, please contact us either by sending an e-mail to Jeff Hewitt , JH(at)3DXplorer(dot)com or  through the form available on the 3DXplorer website:

Enterprise Immersive Internet Business Value Study: Call to Participate.

We are delighted to announce that we have sponsored a new survey called “Enterprise Immersive Internet Business Value Study” conducted by a recognized analyst in our space, namely ThinkBalm, focused on work-related use of virtual worlds and campuses, immersive learning environments, and 3D business applications.

If you use 3DXplorer for work, and have insight into the business value it has delivered to your organization, you have an opportunity to express yourself!

The core question to answer is, “What is the business value of using immersive technologies for work?”

This study has two research components: an anonymous online survey and in-depth interviews conducted via phone or in-world. ThinkBalm representatives will be talking to enterprise Immersive Internet advocates, implementers, and explorers.

This groundbreaking research study is expected to be published in mid-May 2009. The report will be freely available on

Learn more about the survey here:

Take the survey, and express yourself here:

2009: Happy New Year !

The Altadyn team is pleased to forward you its best wishes for a healthy and successful year for all of you.


We are committed and driven to make sure that the projects undertaken with our customers, prospects, partners and suppliers, will be handled in the best way during the new year.

Happy New Year to all of you!

3DXplorer V4.01.03 now available

A new release of 3DXplorer is available that adds Java 5 support in addition to Java 6.

Java 5 support has been available for some time, however, it required publishing your 3D space using a special pre-release version of the 3DXplorer online studio.

Now you simply use the default “LastRelease” in the Version pulldown menu on the Project Management web page as shown in the screen shot below.

3DXplorer Project Management Page - Choosing LastRelease Version

3DXplorer Project Management Page - Choosing LastRelease Version

Most Macs and Linux systems require Java 5 support so this should provide a consistent experience on all supported platforms.

In general, there is nothing one should need to do to ensure their worlds support the latest version, unless one was explicitly creating 3D spaces in an older version and now wants to update them to the latest version.  In this case, you will need to update the applet HTML on the page where you have imbedded your 3D space. 

To do this, simply select LastRelease from the Version pulldown menu  on the Project Management page as shown in the image above, and then regenerate the HTML by clicking on the small HTML icon in the column labeled Applet code.  Then just update the old HTML by cutting and pasting the new HTML into the page on which your 3D space is imbedded.

The new release also adds support for keyframe animation imported via COLLADA, as well as providing a new feature in the online studio enabling rotation animation of 3D objects, such as a rotating banner or product in a showroom.

The new release also includes some code optimization and addresses some outstanding defects, so overall stability and performance should be enhanced as well.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Altadyn Team

3DXplorer Webinars: Using 3DXplorer – A Hands-On Technical Overview

Through the rest of September Altadyn is hosting a series of webinars on 3DXplorer covering both business and technical topics.

To learn more and register click here.

An overview of the technical-focused webinar is provided below:

Using 3DXplorer: A Hands-On Technical Overview

This Webinar will provide a hands-on technical overview of 3DXplorer.

Topics covered include creating 3D scenes using the online studio, adding and importing 3D objects and scenes, enabling avatars, as well as publishing and imbedding your scene in a Web site.

Agenda (Times shown are US Pacific Time):9:00 am Introduction
9:05 am How to create a world using the 3DX library
9:20 am Importing objects and scenes
9:30 am Enabling avatars and other scene attributes
9:40 am Q/A 

To learn more and register click here.

Space is limited so please return to reserve your spot.

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