AVW selects 3DXplorer

After evaluating a few possible technologies, the Association of Virtual World decided to choose 3DXplorer for enabling its members explore the new 3D virtual world headquarters and facilities , actually under construction by Trimensions Metaverse Development.

In a recent communication, released by the Association of Virtual Worlds, Dave Elchoness, Executive Director said: “With its unique 3Dxplorer technology, Altadyn is positioned to deliver a virtual world experience to benefit even those who have never before explored virtual worlds. Trimensions Metaverse Development develops imaginative 3D spaces that are also functional – a necessary combination. We believe that this team will create a place and experience that our members will enjoy, regardless of whether they are industry insiders or newcomers to virtual worlds”.

Altadyn is committed to provide AVW and its members with innovative and accessible new features. To read the whole PR, press here.

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