More objects and textures

new 3DXplorer objects, bathroom, high heel shoe, armchairs


Since last week, a reasonably rich library of textures is available on 3DXplorer, especially for architecture and construction, both for interior design and buildings exteriors. One can find there textures for bricks, carpets, concrete, doors, fabric, metal, nature, roofing, stone, tile, wallpapers and wood.

To use them: right-click on a material, then “change/manage collections”.

With a larger team at Altadyn, now the objects library is starting to grow fast.

This picture shows some of the new “accessories” and “furniture” available now. Glass tables , armchairs, bathroom vanities and high heels are among new objects online, starting point of a long list of objects which will facilitate your creation.

We would love to read from you on your suggestions or requests. Let us know what kind of objects you need more.

Start 2008 with a new release of 3DXplorer

Beta 9 is released!

This new version implements:

  • A new tutorial to help new users to start up,
  • 2 levels of user interface, one for starters, or those who are not supposed to develop in PHP/Javascript or other languages, and another user interface for experts. The later gives access to advanced functions and enables you to develop dynamic web pages, as well as full online applications, based on 3DXplorer, such as configurators for kitchen, bathroom, or other interior design modeling.
  • The term« Building » has been replaced by « Scene ». Other minor modifications are done and some bugs are corrected.

Altadyn wishes you a very happy and successful new year. 

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