3DXplorer Partner, Trimensions Is Recognized As A “Top 50 Innovator” By India’s NASSCOM

Trimensions, using the 3DXplorer platform, has been heavily involved with developing browser-based virtual applications and was recently named one of NASSCOM’s top 50 innovators.  This prestigious award is not easily earned.  Every year thousands of applications are submitted and screened rigorously to select only 50 who are leaders in their class.


Initially Trimensions had restricted its virtual development and research to Second Life.  Since early 2008 however, it has shifted emphasis to browser-based virtual environments, choosing 3DXplorer as its preferred development platform.  Using 3DXplorer, Trimensions has created several virtual environment training and education solutions and is achieving breakthrough results on a regular basis.

GoWeb3D Experiences is a specific Trimensions innovation powered by the 3DXplorer platform and won the “Most Innovative Education Product or Service” award by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in December of 2008.

Note: NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industries in India.  NASSCOM’s membership base constitutes over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 2.24 million professionals.

MetaverSense uses 3DXplorer for electoral debates and elections

Dr. Hanan Gazit, MetaverSense CEO, revealed the winners of the first Israeli Elections 2009 Web3D arena during the Israeli ESHNAV 2009 Winter Conference “Internet and Technology in the Service of Democracy” which took place in Tel-Aviv. The Web3D environment afford civilians, students, teachers and children to discuss the importance of elections in a democratic state and vote for their preferred candidate to be Prime Minister. It supports chatting and communicating with 30 avatars.


The virtual arena has links to the web sites of the candidates. Clicking on a red ball over a blue ballot box marked “vote here” opens a new window where voters can cast their vote for their preferred candidate. A news item on the National TV Channel1 “Mabat news program” covered a children’s activity in the virtual arena at an elementary school in the centre of the country.
The 3D virtual arena was built based on the 3DXplorer platform by MetaverSense Ltd and GoWeb3D Network, as a part of their strategic cooperation agreement for promoting virtual worlds and Web3D experiences.

See more photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vrider/sets/72157612706982780/

GoWeb3D is awarded the “Most Innovative Education Product or Service” with 3DXplorer.

GoWeb3D Experiences was awarded the “Most Innovative Education Product or Service” at the 8th annual Ed Tech Business Forum, sponsored by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA: www.siia.net ) in December 2008 in New York City.
GoWeb3D Experiences develops private, thematic 3D environments on the web to transport students to places “far away, long ago, or impossible to reach” for real and engaging learning.  GoWeb3D Experiences’ prototype environment, the Qutab Minar Complex of Delhi, India, built with 3DXplorer, invites students to explore the ancient ruins and learn about their rich history, unique architecture and metallurgy, the political and economic landscape of India, and even Indian culture and pastimes.  Students can explore alone or together as a class.  Each GoWeb3D Experiences product will be integrated with rich multimedia content, such as articles, reports, audio, and video.

To  learn more about GoWeb3D Experiences, click here: www.goweb3D.com

To read the full press release on the awards, click here.

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