Very Large Virtual Tradeshows Now Possible With Support Of AMAZON EC2

We are now supporting AMAZON EC2 web services by offering standard pre-configured instances with 3DXplorer, ready for customers’ virtual events. The easy replication of these instances enables Virtual Tradeshows with over 50,000 attendees over a few days to go full immersive 3D.
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier and more accessible.

High Performance, Reliable, Flexible, Inexpensive, Accessible, Highly Scalable and Easy-to-set-up, … all the criteria are gathered for using AMAZON EC2’s web services for virtual events. Very large Virtual Trade-shows can now be scaled up at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, while offering full immersion and interactivity, thanks to the replication of 3DXplorer spaces over the cloud.

Mid-size publishers, conference organizers and trade-show professionals of any size can now develop high-end 3D immersive virtual events solutions, without spending for costly infrastructures. They can use the high-end platform tailored exactly to their needs, with reliable and performing servers in the right geography (East Coast US, West Coast US, Europe, Asia), for just a few days (duration of the event).

AMAZON EC2 servers were used recently during CloudSlam’10™, a global conference on Cloud Computing held on 3DXplorer in March 2010, with thousands of participants from around the globe. Commenting on the conference success, CloudSlam’10™ Chairman – Khazret Sapenov said “Altadyn’s platform helped our conference to introduce new products this year, 3D virtual exhibition and networking lounge, adding more business value for both exhibitors and attendees.”

New Release, 3DXplorer V5.01.02 is Live!

3DXplorer V5.01.02 release includes important feature enhancements and additions that improve Virtual Events experience both for attendees and event administrators:

•    All 3DX Apps: New attendees/visitors login process, in a “wizard” mode , where even guest avatars have some choices of looks at entrance, without having to use the “avatar configurator” for a more customized avatar. As a result, from now on, when embedding a 3DXplorer space inside a web page, a better approach is to use iframes instead of the applet code insertion. Space owners who have inserted the applet inside their HTML pages, continue to work fine with the old user interface.

•   3DX/Conferencing: Passcodes list: Event administrator can now upload a csv file with the list of the attendees and individual passcodes. This feature is particularly helpful for paid events, as each passcode is individual and can’t be used by more than one active avatar.

•    3DX/Conferencing: “Silent mode” now applies to laser pointer too, as they’ll shut down when this mode is active.

•    3DX/Conferencing: Event administrators can now disable Desktop Sharing feature for attendees in 3DX/Conferencing

•    3DX/API: External login supported. Enables avatar login through 3rd party databases.

•    3DX/Studio: objects scripting improved for automatic setup of the space and dynamic content inside the 3D spaces.

•    3DX/Studio: 3D scene settings page improved: contextual help (tooltips), re-organized fields,…

•    3DX/Studio Bugs fixed: Object editor, handlers table, procedure table in the studio, …

The new release is active since last week-end. All users with “Last release” (which is the default option on all spaces), are automatically going to use it with no action required.

Enjoy it.

Generation-O-Marketing Partners With Altadyn to Launch Accessible 3D Virtual Collaboration Services

We are pleased to announce a new White Label Partner, Generation-O-Marketing, a global full service marketing group. 3DXplorer V5 released recently, enables Altadyn’s partners to build their own branded SaaS applications, using the same platform as Altadyn, and offering value added services to their customers. 3DXplorer cloud-Based architecture powers the new global services under a White Label model.

Generation O Marketing is a global full service marketing group with offices in the U.S. and EMEA. The company is comprised of demand generation experts, marketing and sales professionals with the keen ability to leverage the new era of marketing. Service offerings include demand generation infrastructure development, evaluation and overhaul service, consulting, marketing automation, lead nurturing, scoring, lead and database management, and lead generation. For more information about GenerationO and its services including virtual collaboration services, visit

This alliance between 3DXplorer and all 3D virtual collaboration related services offered by Generation-O-Marketing, brings a full accessible and cost effective solution to the market.

This partnership will provide customers with a fully managed yet cost effective 3D virtual solution. Customers will have the choice to use the platform alone as well as to select related services when they need it. “GenerationO has always been forward thinking. We are constantly looking for the latest and most accessible tools in marketing and continuously analyzing the market and related information. GenerationO concluded that attendance declining at physical events and virtual events have become the prevailing demand and lead generation techniques. In addition we found that the new generation of executives are not the newspaper reading crowd. This new generation wants to “show themselves” and “interact”. Consequently we looked for a 3D interactive and immersive platform that we could add value to and provide quality at a competitive price.” Said Mercedes Oz, Generation O Marketing’s Chief Marketing Generator. “3DXplorer was an obvious choice since it is the only platform on the market that provides a cloud-based collaboration and quality at a reasonable price.” continued Oz. This partnership will also allow GenerationO to present our offerings to other departments since virtual 3D collaboration is versatile and all departments can benefit from using it. Whether that is HR for employee on boarding, kick off meetings for sales, or product demos for engineering.”- added Oz.

More information on the new service can be obtained here:

3DXplorer Quick User Guide Now Available

Our Quick User Guide is now available for download.  This PDF document is designed to help attendees and presenters get quickly up to speed navigating through virtual meetings and conferences authored with 3DXplorer v5.

The User Guide is divided into three parts:

  1. Avatar Guide: This section covers creating and customizing an avatar.
  2. Meeting Attendee & Visitor Guide: This section covers basic navigation and chat.
  3. Presenter Guide: This section includes presentation techniques such as sharing the desktop with attendees and delivering power-point presentations or demonstrations.

The User Guide also contains troubleshooting tips. This handy resource ensures that both presenters and attendees will participate in successful and productive virtual meetings.

Altadyn Announces New U.S. HeadQuarters Location

Altadyn's new location.

Altadyn's new Irvine location.

In order to better support our rapid growth and commitment to our customers, Altadyn has moved its U.S. corporate office to a new facility. The move comes on the heels of the September 2009 release of 3DXplorer v5.

3DXplorer is the first and only browser-based 3D web platform that works without requiring a plug-in. Our immersive, interactive, cloud-based technology enables users to experience collaborative virtual spaces using customizable avatars for a myriad of applications, including 3D online meetings, training, and education.

Since Altadyn’s inception in 2002, we have focused our efforts on bringing real-time 3D technology to the web. The new office location will enable us to continue development of our internationally acclaimed, award-winning 3D web technology.

Our new office is located at:

2192 Dupont Drive
Suite 108
Irvine, CA 92612

FAQ: How Much Bandwidth Is Required To Run The Online Meeting Application?

Recently, several users asked us this question:How Much Bandwidth Is Required To Run The Online Meeting Application?

The following is a list of the minimum bandwidth requirements for the Online Meeting application:

  • When Loading The Scene —  1000 kbps for reasonably fast loading (this bandwidth is only required once during each session, and that is when avatars are entering the scene at load-time—based on 10 avatars)
  • Once Scene Has Loaded —  150 kbps (based on 10 avatars walking around and chatting within the scene)
  • When Sharing A Desktop, At Peak (Partial-Screen Sharing Mode) —  160 kbps to RECEIVE; add 360 kbps to SEND or EMIT (based on typical 640×480 partial screen sharing resolution)
  • When Sharing A Desktop, At Peak (Full-Screen Sharing Mode) —  800 kbps to RECEIVE; add 1800 kbps to SEND or EMIT (based on typical 1600×1000 full screen sharing resolution)

Enjoy sharing your desktop in your favorite 3DXplorer room!

The new version, 3DXplorer V4.03.00, is now online

The new version, online since last Wednesday, brings the following new features for the Online Meeting application:

  • New user interface for desktop sharing enables immediate launching of full desktop sharing and adds control buttons on the main window. This helps first time users. The 3D screen itself goes black to avoid confusions of sending your own 3D space to the room.
  • No more limitation of to 1024×1024 screens. You can now share any size of screen.
  • Enhanced global performance, with faster refreshing.
  • Removed the grey screen for demo purpose. Now the demo version only has a text watermark.
  • Bug corrections

This version also brings the following new features for the 3DXplorer platform:

  • Video popups can now be linked to any screen or frame in the room (any material). When clicked by the visitor, a video popup will open and stream the video positioned appropriately on the screen and respecting its size. (limited to java 6 users and above)
  • Bug corrections : COLLADA import now fully supports animated objects and avatars.
  • As usual, to use the new release, you don’t need any action (as far as you have kept your project under “Last Release” status, which is the one by default on all accounts).

    We welcome your feedback !

    3DXplorer Enables Online Meetings Within Easily Accessible 3D Rooms

    The new release, 4.2,  bridges the web3D and the web conferencing fields; it combines the accessibility and the ease of use of online meeting tools with the high level of engagement, intuition and excitement of Virtual Worlds. Meetings are as accessible and  immediate as standard web meeting solutions, while offering engaging immersive interactive 3D virtual worlds experience.

    An online meeting set up in minutes with a 3DXplorer template room

    An online meeting set up in minutes with a 3DXplorer template room

    Online Meeting contains all the elements of a typical solution, like shared presentations, instant messaging, and live conversation through Skype, but adds a new dimension to the experience of remote conferencing.  Online Meeting places the event into an interactive 3DXplorer virtual space.  Hosts can choose a customized meeting venue that resemble real conference settings, or build their own room.  Each online participant is represented by an avatar, which the user can control within the 3D environment.

    3DXplorer Online Meeting offers a great alternative for companies looking for a unique way to capture interest of participants and engage them on a deeper level. When users have more interactive options, the meeting is more entertaining, inclusive, and personal than the standard faire, which participants might approach more passively.  Users pay more attention to the proceedings and feel more present in the animated context.

    The new Online Meeting module includes:

    • Application sharing: Display your application on to any screen inside the 3D scene, visible by all meeting participants
    • Full desktop sharing: Share your desktop up to a 1024 x 1024 resolution
    • Multi-presenters meetings: no obligation to stop sharing and changing presenter
    • Seated pose: Avatars can sit down and watch a presentation
    • Pop-up Zoom: Enables watching a presentation out of the 3D context
    • Laser pointer: Any avatar can point on any presentation or any object in the scene, using a laser beam pointer

    Learn more and see how it works.

    Web meeting software vendors can take advantage of this new technology , as these features can also be fully integrated into any existing online meeting or web conferencing solution through 3DXplorer’s API. 

    3DXplorer users can subscribe to premium Online Meeting services starting at $41 monthly. All former free features of the 3DXplorer platform  — for development, authoring, and display for small or mid-size websites — are still available for free.

    3DXplorer V4.2 is live! online meetings , easier account management, slideshows, animated 3D objects, seated avatars, and more…

    After a 3 weeks private beta period, the new version of 3DXplorer, more precisely named 4.02.00,  is now live and accessible to all. This post describes the list of the new features brought by this release.

    1) Online Meeting features include:
      a. Application sharing: Display your application on to any screen inside the 3D scene, visible by all 
      b. Full desktop sharing: Share your desktop up to a 1024 x 1024 resolution
      c. Multi-presenters meetings: no obligation to stop sharing and changing presenter 
      d. Seated pose: Avatars can sit down and watch a presentation
      e. Pop-up Zoom: Enables watching a presentation out of the 3D context 
      f.Laser pointer: any avatar can point on any presentation or any object in the scene, using a laser beam pointer

    See the full overview of the new online meeting features.

    2) Avatars:

      a. Visitors can now enter with a guest avatar, enabling them to avoid registration and customization of their avatars, if they don’t want to do so. 
      b. Entering in avatar mode is now the default mode, although it’s still possible to skip. 
      c. Faster avatars loading: 2 to 3 times faster compared to previous versions. 
      d. Avatars can now sit down.

    3) New account management features include:
       a. Direct URL links making 3D spaces even more accessible
       b. Thumbnail pictures facilitate projects management
       c. 3D scene settings accessible from the account management space
       d. New 3D templates enable easy 3D worlds creation
       e. Redesigned user interface for account management dashboard

    4) Autorun Slide show feature added: enables any picture , frame or screen in the 3D room to display a list of jpg files as slide show.

    5) Auto-animated objects: rotating bots can be set up easily through pre-scripted feature

    6) Avatars: Seated pose can be added to enabled animations

    7) Pricing:
       a. New premium function pricing: Online Meeting features available from $41 monthly
       b. All previous free features still available for free

    Let us know about your experience with this new version.

    See you with your avatar online!

    No crisis for “Meet in 3D”. Promotional bundles continued.

    It’s hard to avoid the bad news these days, with markets going from one extreme to another, trembling the whole economy worldwide. The media, as usual are amplifying the phenomena giving the impression that the world is reaching the end, that companies have stopped working that everybody’s become jobless and that banks are going to close and take your money with them .

    Hopefully the reality is not that dark, not only at Altadyn but also for most customers with whom we are dealing. The “Meet in 3D” concept introduced last month has successfully found echo in this tough period. Just during last week, we welcomed three new customers who purchased “Meet in 3D” bundles that we introduced last September during Virtual World Expo in Los Angeles. These customers are from very different fields including a prominent US governmental organization, a mid-size European software vendor and a US based real estate group of companies.

    A Meet-in-3D scene

    A Meet-in-3D scene

    The common point among all is the desire to get in touch with their web visitors, organize spaces for talking and chatting and build their customized accessible world fast (browser-based/plug-in-less) , all at an affordable cost. This is all about 3DXplorer.

    Watch our future communications for more on their creations.

    Consequently, we decided to extend the time-limited promotional offers for an unlimited period.

    Contact us for a custom quote at sales(at)3DXplorer(dot)com.

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