3DXplorer Partner, Trimensions Is Recognized As A “Top 50 Innovator” By India’s NASSCOM

Trimensions, using the 3DXplorer platform, has been heavily involved with developing browser-based virtual applications and was recently named one of NASSCOM’s top 50 innovators.  This prestigious award is not easily earned.  Every year thousands of applications are submitted and screened rigorously to select only 50 who are leaders in their class.


Initially Trimensions had restricted its virtual development and research to Second Life.  Since early 2008 however, it has shifted emphasis to browser-based virtual environments, choosing 3DXplorer as its preferred development platform.  Using 3DXplorer, Trimensions has created several virtual environment training and education solutions and is achieving breakthrough results on a regular basis.

GoWeb3D Experiences is a specific Trimensions innovation powered by the 3DXplorer platform and won the “Most Innovative Education Product or Service” award by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in December of 2008.

Note: NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industries in India.  NASSCOM’s membership base constitutes over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 2.24 million professionals.

3DXplorer Worlds – Real, Imaginary or Both

If you haven’t checked out our Featured Websites page lately, we’ve added some interesting 3D worlds created by 3DXplorer users.

Here are two in particular that show the flexibility of 3DXplorer and web 3D in general, but also give some insight into potential applications.

The first is a real place, the Taj Mahal in Agra India, created by one of our partners GoWeb3D. You can visit it by clicking on the image below.

Taj Mahal in 3DXplorer

Taj Mahal in 3DXplorer

The second world is an imaginary space created in 3DXplorer by a a Quad ATV enthusiast, Eric Etienne. 

Quad ATV World by Eric Etienne

Quad ATV World by Eric Etienne

3D spaces or worlds can represent real places, whether they exist now, existed in the past or will exist in the future.  All you need is a 3D model, and since 3DXplorer supports importing common data formats in COLLADA and 3DS, a variety of popular and easily accessible 3D modeling tools can be used, including SketchUp, Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, etc.  The Taj was modeled in SketchUp by the way.

In industries where 3D modeling is used, for instance, markets that use CAD, such as AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), the idea of discussion and reviewing models online has been around for a while.  This is often referred to as a design review, and typically consists of discussing the object being designed, in this case the 3D model.  In the AEC space this is usually a building or structure.

This sort of traditional design review is one use of 3DXplorer, which, of course, brings along the benefit of being immersed in the 3D space.  In other words, one or more people can enter the 3D space and walk around, visually inspect the space, discuss chat, speak via Skype, etc.

3DXplorer, however, offers another interesting opportunity.  Now the 3D space — the building or structure that has been modeled in 3D — can be the environment for discussion, in addition to being the object of discussion.

This now creates all sorts of new uses for a 3D model, allowing the creator to repurpose and extend the value of their investment in creating the 3D model.  Imagine a home builder who wants to meet with customers or prospects, why not do it within one of the home designs created by the builder?  Or what about a group interested in Indian architecture, why not get together at the Taj?  Check out Google’s 3D Warehouse for literally thousands of buildings, many of which you’ll recognize.  In addition, to the Taj, some other worlds on our Feature Websites page came from the 3D Warehouse, can you figure out which?

And what about imaginary spaces?  All this applies to them as well, but with the added element of the space or world being pretty much whatever you can conceive and model, customized with colors, textures and 3D objects that reinforce a particular theme or interest of visitors.  Eric’s Quad ATV space is a nice example.

So what can you imagine?

3DXplorer V4.01.03 now available

A new release of 3DXplorer is available that adds Java 5 support in addition to Java 6.

Java 5 support has been available for some time, however, it required publishing your 3D space using a special pre-release version of the 3DXplorer online studio.

Now you simply use the default “LastRelease” in the Version pulldown menu on the Project Management web page as shown in the screen shot below.

3DXplorer Project Management Page - Choosing LastRelease Version

3DXplorer Project Management Page - Choosing LastRelease Version

Most Macs and Linux systems require Java 5 support so this should provide a consistent experience on all supported platforms.

In general, there is nothing one should need to do to ensure their worlds support the latest version, unless one was explicitly creating 3D spaces in an older version and now wants to update them to the latest version.  In this case, you will need to update the applet HTML on the page where you have imbedded your 3D space. 

To do this, simply select LastRelease from the Version pulldown menu  on the Project Management page as shown in the image above, and then regenerate the HTML by clicking on the small HTML icon in the column labeled Applet code.  Then just update the old HTML by cutting and pasting the new HTML into the page on which your 3D space is imbedded.

The new release also adds support for keyframe animation imported via COLLADA, as well as providing a new feature in the online studio enabling rotation animation of 3D objects, such as a rotating banner or product in a showroom.

The new release also includes some code optimization and addresses some outstanding defects, so overall stability and performance should be enhanced as well.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Altadyn Team

3DXplorer Webinars: Using 3DXplorer – A Hands-On Technical Overview

Through the rest of September Altadyn is hosting a series of webinars on 3DXplorer covering both business and technical topics.

To learn more and register click here.

An overview of the technical-focused webinar is provided below:

Using 3DXplorer: A Hands-On Technical Overview

This Webinar will provide a hands-on technical overview of 3DXplorer.

Topics covered include creating 3D scenes using the online studio, adding and importing 3D objects and scenes, enabling avatars, as well as publishing and imbedding your scene in a Web site.

Agenda (Times shown are US Pacific Time):9:00 am Introduction
9:05 am How to create a world using the 3DX library
9:20 am Importing objects and scenes
9:30 am Enabling avatars and other scene attributes
9:40 am Q/A 

To learn more and register click here.

Space is limited so please return to reserve your spot.

3DXplorer Business-Focused Webinars: Leveraging Web 3.0 and 3DXplorer to Increase Your Web Design Business

Through the rest of September Altadyn is hosting a series of webinars on 3DXplorer covering both business and technical topics.

To learn more and register click here.

An overview of the business-focused webinar is provided below:

Leveraging Web 3.0 and 3DXplorer to Increase Your Web Design Business

This business-focused webinar will explore web3D and its relationship to Web 3.0, both what it is and why you should be interested. An exciting new concept, “Meet in 3D,” will also be discussed that envisions 3D web sites becoming a new standard navigation component, on par with the commonly-used links on the main navigation bar of web sites such as Home, Products, Company, Contact Us, etc., allowing businesses to add immersive 3D experiences for interacting with web visitors who until now have largely remained anonymous.

Key target customers and industries that can benefit from web 3D include:
 * Retailers/Malls
 * Home builders
 * Corporate Collaboration
 * Museums
 * Tourism/Chambers of Commerce
 * eLearning,including:
     – Schools
     – Tutoring
     – Libraries
     – Workplace training

Agenda (Times shown are US Pacific Time):

9:00 am Introduction
9:05 am What is “Meet in 3D” and how is it related to Web 3.0
9:10 am Business Opportunities and Target Markets
9:20 am 3DXplorer Promotional Bundles and Partner Opportunities
9:30 am Q/A

To learn more and register click here.

Meet in 3D: Where web3D Meets Web 3.0

On September 3 at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo Altadyn announced Meet in 3D, a new concept to standardize immersive and interactive 3D spaces and virtual worlds on corporate web sites. Meet in 3D is intended to establish a new standard navigation component, on par with the commonly-used links on the main navigation bar of web sites such as Home, Products, Company, Contact Us, and so on, allowing businesses to add immersive 3D virtual experiences for interacting with web visitors.

A key element of the Meet in 3D is concept is its relationship to web3D which we see as a critical component of Web 3.0.


I think our CEO Darius Lahoutifard summed it up best as follows:


“We believe our Meet in 3D concept is a critical element of Web 3.0,” said Darius Lahoutifard, CEO of Altadyn. “Since the inception of the web, businesses have invested billions to identify and track largely anonymous visitors to their web sites. At first, with Web 1.0, communication was unidirectional, from companies to their web visitors. With Web 2.0 and the widespread acceptance of tools like blogs and social networks, individuals started expressing themselves, but not necessarily to corporations, so businesses still struggle to monetize web 2.0.  With Web 3.0 and technologies like 3DXplorer, individuals are motivated to enter informative and entertaining 3D web spaces with their avatars, enabling corporations to finally bridge this gap. They can now directly engage prospects and customers in a personal and interactive environment, in a manner similar to the way they do in everyday life when exploring a tradeshow, attending a seminar or walking into a store.”


An example of the Meet in 3D button integrated into a corporate website is available at Altadyn’s website at www.altadyn.com.  The Altadyn corporate 3D site is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm US Eastern time, so stop by and check it out.


3DXplorer Promotional Bundles
For a limited time, we’re also offering promotional bundles to allow businesses an easy and fast way to put a custom, branded 3D web page or virtual world on their company web site.  The bundles are designed to facilitate easy access by corporations to Web 3.0 3D technology, allowing them to quickly implement Meet in 3D on their own websites for customer engagement and collaboration, conferencing, eLearning, virtual visits for real estate and architecture, casual games and more. Built jointly with Altadyn’s Content Creation Partners, Avalonn, Cube3, and GoWeb3D, bundles come in three options: Bronze, Silver and Gold, and consist of the 3DXplorer platform deployed with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, 3D content and customization services.

More details on Meet in 3D and the 3DXplorer promotional bundles are available at the Meet in 3D Overview page.  Here is also more detail on the promotional bundles, and you can check out the various 3D spaces available from our content partners at Avalonn, Cube3 and GoWeb3D at the Gallery page.  Here are a few snapshots to whet your appetite:

GoWeb3D Classroom

GoWeb3D Classroom


Cube3 Officepodz

Cube3 Officepodz


Avalonn Office

Avalonn Office

 You can read the entire Meet in 3D press release here.

Get Together In the Web with GoWeb3D’s Low Cost, Super Easy Virtual Reality Websites

One of Altadyn’s content creation partners GoWeb3D recently made an exciting announcement offering a unique line of revolutionary virtual reality 3D websites built on 3DXplorer.

“Click, enter, and get together” on the web with GoWeb3D’s new and unique line of virtual reality 3D websites. Without any special download or plug-in, users will see and interact with each other, shop, work, and play together in GoWeb3D’s 3D offices, conference rooms, classrooms, exhibit halls, and retail spaces. By enabling “get togethers” inside otherwise ordinary websites at regular web addresses, GoWeb3D will save users money on gas and air travel, help save the environment, and provide more meaningful web experiences for users around the globe.

GoWeb3D is a joint venture founded by virtual worlds and web3D industry experts Dave Elchoness, CEO of VRWorkplace, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado, USA and Rahul Dutta, CEO of Trimensions Metaverse Development, of Gurgaon, India.

“GoWeb3D is committed to offering transformative internet experiences at all price points.” says Dave Elchoness, CEO of VRWorkplace. “Not only will we design and integrate custom web3D interactive experiences into large retailers’ existing websites, but we will open new markets to small businesses now able to reach out globally with realistic storefronts and offices.”

Rahul Dutta, CEO of Trimensions, adds, “GoWeb3D’s approach removes all barriers to entry from a technology perspective. Our products using Altadyn’s 3Dxplorer toolset will be super easy to use and require absolutely no special download or plug-in.”

Some images of the worlds being offered by GoWeb3D are included below, and you can learn more about them at their site at www.GoWeb3D.com.

Conference Room

Conference Room







Dave Greenfield who writes for ZDNet also blogged about the announcement.

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