How to create slide shows in 3DXplorer ?

You can setup a slide show on any 3DXplorer screen or picture. This way visitors will see a succession of slides or images on that screen. To do so It’s easy : Prepare a folder with jpg files called « slide1.jpg », « slide2.jpg »… If your slides are in MS-Powerpoint then output the slides in JPEG format and make sure the naming convention, as explained above is respected.

Create a folder for a more convenient upload, in your online 3DX account: My account/Project Management/Manage Folders/ . This operation is not mandatory but helps you organize your project data better.

Open your scene with 3DX studio and Change any image with the first one slide1.jpg after uploading all the images into your online folder. EDIT MATERIAL / ….

As far as image files are called this way, the system recognizes they are slides and will animate them.

Let us know if you need support for this feature by droping an e-mail at technical-support[AT]3DXplorer[DOT]com

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