Watch A Recorded Video of CloudSlam10, The Global Virtual Event on Cloud Computing.

During the CloudSlam10™ Virtual Conference, from Mach 23rd , 2010 to March 25th,  with thousands of visitors, Altadyn provided CloudSlam’10™ delegates, with two 3D spaces;

  1. CloudSlam™ C – Level Lounge™: An exclusive virtual space reserved for V.I.P delegates that have been selected to attend this gathering.
  2. CloudSlam™ Virtual Expo™: – A communal virtual environment, profiling CloudSlam’10™ key solutions partners; each with their own virtual booth

The recorded video below shows how visitors discovered the virtual venues built in 3DXplorer, communicated with the exhibitors and netwroked with each other, in a unique immersive and engaging environment while easily accessible.

Enjoy the video!

Built-in Web-native Browser-based VOIP in 3DXplorer: You asked for it, you got it!

As a customer-driven company, Altadyn has constantly been listening to users demands and Voice over Internet Protocol commonly called VOIP, was on top of the list since a while.  To satisfy our customers, we evaluated several VOIP technologies on the market, but noticed that they all require that the end-users download a client software. We believe that 3D web conferencing and virtual events markets will become mainstream only if they are easy to use, and accessible to all. That’s why we developed our own java based VOIP technology which works seamlessly in the browser.  With what we have come up with, in order to attend a meeting, a user just presses on the invitation link received by e-mail and enters the space; he/she immediately hears the attendees voice; nothing to install, no other action required.

The VOIP enabled version is available to all users as of this week, under “Test”. To use it, login to your account, then open your 3D space settings page, under tab “Version” you usually see “LastRelease”. Change it to “Test”. As soon as you do this change, any visitor entering this space will be using the test release, which has Voice enabled.

When a new user walks into your voice-enabled space, he/she will hear whatever is going on in the room, but he/she is not heard, until the “Voice” button is activated. This button appears on the upper left corner of the screen.

A voice icon appears over the head of the avatar who talks, so that everyone can notice who’s talking.

Moderators can cut voice by pressing the  “Mute Audience” button at any time.

Beside the cutting edge VOIP feature, new functionalities have been released:

–          2 weeks free trial for all 3DXplorer products,

–          New meeting planner with invitation text supporting 8 different languages for 3DX/Online Meeting and 3DX/Conferencing

–          Customized invitation templates for 3DX/Online Meeting and 3DX/Conferencing

–          Drastically enhanced features for software developers using 3DX/API

Enjoy the new features, and give feedback to us. Your opinion matters!

3DXplorer V4.2 is live! online meetings , easier account management, slideshows, animated 3D objects, seated avatars, and more…

After a 3 weeks private beta period, the new version of 3DXplorer, more precisely named 4.02.00,  is now live and accessible to all. This post describes the list of the new features brought by this release.

1) Online Meeting features include:
  a. Application sharing: Display your application on to any screen inside the 3D scene, visible by all 
  b. Full desktop sharing: Share your desktop up to a 1024 x 1024 resolution
  c. Multi-presenters meetings: no obligation to stop sharing and changing presenter 
  d. Seated pose: Avatars can sit down and watch a presentation
  e. Pop-up Zoom: Enables watching a presentation out of the 3D context 
  f.Laser pointer: any avatar can point on any presentation or any object in the scene, using a laser beam pointer

See the full overview of the new online meeting features.

2) Avatars:

  a. Visitors can now enter with a guest avatar, enabling them to avoid registration and customization of their avatars, if they don’t want to do so. 
  b. Entering in avatar mode is now the default mode, although it’s still possible to skip. 
  c. Faster avatars loading: 2 to 3 times faster compared to previous versions. 
  d. Avatars can now sit down.

3) New account management features include:
   a. Direct URL links making 3D spaces even more accessible
   b. Thumbnail pictures facilitate projects management
   c. 3D scene settings accessible from the account management space
   d. New 3D templates enable easy 3D worlds creation
   e. Redesigned user interface for account management dashboard

4) Autorun Slide show feature added: enables any picture , frame or screen in the 3D room to display a list of jpg files as slide show.

5) Auto-animated objects: rotating bots can be set up easily through pre-scripted feature

6) Avatars: Seated pose can be added to enabled animations

7) Pricing:
   a. New premium function pricing: Online Meeting features available from $41 monthly
   b. All previous free features still available for free

Let us know about your experience with this new version.

See you with your avatar online!

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