Adding Hyperlinks to 3DXplorer Scenes

One of the powerful features of 3DXplorer is the ability to easily add hyperlinks to any 3DXplorer scene.

This allows one to provide a quick path to traditional web pages or other virtual worlds directly from within the 3D environment.

It’s very easy to do.  Just log in to your 3DXplorer account; if you don’t have one, don’t worry it is easy – and free – to create one here.

First, go to the Project Management page to launch the online studio and begin editing.  If you don’t have a project created, just go to the Project Creation page and create one.  Open your project by clicking on the green Edit icon as shown below (note that you can click the image to enlarge it).

3DXplorer Studio Project Management Page

3DXplorer Studio Project Management Page

One inside the world, choose an object that you want to hyperlink.  In this case we’ll use the picture on the wall showing a screenshot of the 3DXplorer web site.  Right click on the picture and then select Edit Material from the pop-up menu.

3DXplorer Studio Edit Menu

3DXplorer Studio Edit Menu

Next the properties dialog box will appear.  In the field labeled “Linked URL:” just enter the URL of the web page to which you wish to link.  Note you can also set the target.  To open the link in a new window, just leave the default setting “_blank”.

3DXplorer Studio Properties Dialog Box

3DXplorer Studio Properties Dialog Box

Then choose apply and your done.  Save your scene, publish at the Project Management page and you are ready to go.  The next time you visit this world when you click on the picture, a new window will open to the linked URL.  It’s that easy.

Note you can link to traditional web pages as shown in the example or to other 3DXplorer worlds.

Give it a try!

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  1. Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for.

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