Meet in 3D: Where web3D Meets Web 3.0

On September 3 at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo Altadyn announced Meet in 3D, a new concept to standardize immersive and interactive 3D spaces and virtual worlds on corporate web sites. Meet in 3D is intended to establish a new standard navigation component, on par with the commonly-used links on the main navigation bar of web sites such as Home, Products, Company, Contact Us, and so on, allowing businesses to add immersive 3D virtual experiences for interacting with web visitors.

A key element of the Meet in 3D is concept is its relationship to web3D which we see as a critical component of Web 3.0.


I think our CEO Darius Lahoutifard summed it up best as follows:


“We believe our Meet in 3D concept is a critical element of Web 3.0,” said Darius Lahoutifard, CEO of Altadyn. “Since the inception of the web, businesses have invested billions to identify and track largely anonymous visitors to their web sites. At first, with Web 1.0, communication was unidirectional, from companies to their web visitors. With Web 2.0 and the widespread acceptance of tools like blogs and social networks, individuals started expressing themselves, but not necessarily to corporations, so businesses still struggle to monetize web 2.0.  With Web 3.0 and technologies like 3DXplorer, individuals are motivated to enter informative and entertaining 3D web spaces with their avatars, enabling corporations to finally bridge this gap. They can now directly engage prospects and customers in a personal and interactive environment, in a manner similar to the way they do in everyday life when exploring a tradeshow, attending a seminar or walking into a store.”


An example of the Meet in 3D button integrated into a corporate website is available at Altadyn’s website at  The Altadyn corporate 3D site is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm US Eastern time, so stop by and check it out.


3DXplorer Promotional Bundles
For a limited time, we’re also offering promotional bundles to allow businesses an easy and fast way to put a custom, branded 3D web page or virtual world on their company web site.  The bundles are designed to facilitate easy access by corporations to Web 3.0 3D technology, allowing them to quickly implement Meet in 3D on their own websites for customer engagement and collaboration, conferencing, eLearning, virtual visits for real estate and architecture, casual games and more. Built jointly with Altadyn’s Content Creation Partners, Avalonn, Cube3, and GoWeb3D, bundles come in three options: Bronze, Silver and Gold, and consist of the 3DXplorer platform deployed with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, 3D content and customization services.

More details on Meet in 3D and the 3DXplorer promotional bundles are available at the Meet in 3D Overview page.  Here is also more detail on the promotional bundles, and you can check out the various 3D spaces available from our content partners at Avalonn, Cube3 and GoWeb3D at the Gallery page.  Here are a few snapshots to whet your appetite:

GoWeb3D Classroom

GoWeb3D Classroom


Cube3 Officepodz

Cube3 Officepodz


Avalonn Office

Avalonn Office

 You can read the entire Meet in 3D press release here.

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